Mythical Creature Contest

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Mythical Creature Contest

A wolf in a kilt?

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted October 21st, 2006
Description In Daniel's absence, I guess we got a little bored... P. Monkey makes a suggestion to Andrea about something to do and it's all downhill from there.
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 danielbeast paul andrea purple monkey unicorn gazelle chicken genghiskhan VCR kilt wolf skeletons corpuscle

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Mythical Creature Contest is the second video in the Paul & Andrea series.


Andrea: Hey it's Andrea. You know when Paul first told me we were going to make videos for Bree, I guess you could say I wasn't too thrilled...

(cut scene of her saying "uhuh" replayed three times from the first episode),

Andrea: ...but now that we've done one before, I changed my mind. This time it's my video, so I get to pick what amazingly exciting thing we do! (shakes pom-poms excitedly) But unfotunately, I couldn't actually think of anything... But that's ok, because we've borrowed P. Monkey. He's just full of good ideas! What do you say P. Monkey?

(fast motion scene of P. Monkey talking in her ear)

Andrea: P. Monkey says that in honor of our friend, the fabled Danielbeast, he/she wants us to have a contest to see who can find the best picture of their own MYTHICAL CREATURE! (Andrea smiles, Paul has just entered the room with a laptop)

Paul: (Looking up from laptop) Mythical creature?

Andrea: Just do it...

(Fast motion scene of them using the laptop to research mythical creatures.)

Andrea: The results are in! I'll go first. (Holds up picture) As you can see here, I went out into the wild and captured the legendary unicorn. Sought after for centuries, explorers have long searched far and wide for evidence of such a mythical creature. Finally, I've found one... I'd say it deserves to win now doesn't it?

Paul: Dude, that's just some gazelle with a horn.

(Andrea looking towards the camera gets a mean look and slowly turns head towards Paul who recoils)

Andrea: Now it's your turn!

Paul: My turn?

Paul: Alright I found this weird chicken thing... (Holds up ceramic-looking chicken) Alright I found this weird chicken thing...

Andrea: Next!

Paul: Fine, genghis.. Behold, the mythical VCR. Hasn't been seen in people's homes since 1998.

Andrea: You're hopeless. Now let's see what P. Monkey came up with! (Holds up picture)

Paul: Oh isn't that... horrifying! Wow, I just love what appears to be some sort of wolf (Voiceover continues while the picture is shown full screen) wearing what seems to be a kilt, which of course comes complete with a belt made from the skulls of his victims. Oh a what scene of horror would be complete without the obligatory skeleton soldiers fleeing the scene, that or they're going to do his dasardly wolf-bidding. (Voiceover ends) Whichever. Wow, after seeing this, I think there's only one rational conclusion we can come to, and that's that...

Andrea: ...P. Monkey is the winner!

Paul: What?!

Andrea: So I hope you enjoyed the P. Monkey Mythical Creature Invitational!

Paul: And just so you know, apparently they've (motioning to Andrea and P. Monkey) decided to name the winning entry Daniel the Kiltwolf.

Andrea: Thanks for playing, bye for now! (Holds up picture to camera and it ends)