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Sebastian Sebastian
Allan Allan Lucas
Iris2009 Thomas Marsh JR
Production Crew
Executive Producer(s) Jason Green
Producer(s) Jason Green, Chris Gray
Director(s) Jennifer Bass
Camera Thomas Marsh JR, Nick Bark
Story Mick Grace
Editor(s) Nick Bark


Iris2009 is a Revver user who has produced in-character video replies in response to Bree and her saga. In the majority of his videos, Iris2009 shares advice with the the official characters while sharing his own story.

An example of his in-character exploits can be found in his video So I Was Caught, in which he explains that he was caught in the backyard of a man who forced him to eat habanero peppers. What was very curious to viewers is the fact that this man looked and sounded very much like Iris2009, leading viewers to speculate that this man was, in fact, Iris2009's brother. In another video, Merry Belated Christmas!, he offers Bree, Daniel and Jonas a place to stay. This offer led to more viewer speculation about the accommodations he was actually offering, as earlier in the same video, Iris states that he bought a tent in which to sleep and planned to set it up in a field. Some viewers wondered satirically what the scene would look like if the lg15 characters actually took Iris up on his offer. Some painted an amusing yet uncomfortable image of Daniel, Jonas, and Bree crammed into a 2-man tent with Iris and his habanero peppers.

For his videos, Iris2009 records himself, which accounts for the unsteady camera work, especially in videos where he is walking and talking. Iris2009 is an earnest fan who has shown determination despite some viewers' reactions. One such example of a seemingly disparaging comment came in reference to his video "I Wanna Tell You Something, Bree..." in which a Revver user stated that Iris2009's video was "too weird to be official!" This has neither discouraged him nor diminished his eagerness to share his dream of becoming an official part of the lg15 series. Although it is highly improbable that this dream will be fulfilled, Iris2009 continues making videos and responding to the official story. Iris2009 does not hide the fact that he holds fast to his lonelygirl15 dream. In his video "Daniel, Good Job," in which he shows a glimpse of a building that had some similarities to the building that Daniel broke into during Breaking And Entering, it seems unlikely to viewers that this is the same building. However, Iris works hard to imply that this building demonstrates a connection to the official story.

Allegedly on December 20th, 2006 in a lonelygirl chatroom, he was even observed stating that he would eat habanero peppers until he "makes canon." Nonetheless, Iris2009 is a man on a mission and a man with a dream, continuing to produce his exploits and responses on video while trying to gain the notice of the lg15 producers.

Story summary

In So I ditched my car... Iris first goes on the run after feeling he is being watched by a watcher. Fast foward to early 2007 when IspyIris2009 puts surveillance footage of him on the internet: IspyIris2009 Part 1 and IspyIris2009 Part 2 In I must have missed something... Iris reveals that since he was a hacker that maybe it was the gov't who was following him and take it as a compliment but after seeing the surveillance footage of him on the internet, he realizes it wasn't the gov't. after all. Because of the timing he realized it might be about the last system he hacked, which was the warehouse that Daniel found the epogen at. The files were decrypted so he went back to see if he could crack them. In TIME TO PLAY!!! Iris says he's working on the files but it's apparent things are not right. After the gang was kidnapped Daniel took to the forum to research the drugs they were given. In Dear DB Iris remembered seeing the drug names from a document in a file he decrypted. The document turned out to be an invoice and he reported back to us. He has other documents but apparently can't make sense of them.

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