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Am I A Murderer? Help Me Save Them!
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Mexico-Flag.png Mexico
Portrayed by Unknown

Juanita Cerez was a young woman in Mexico. When Jennie tried to offer her help from the Lullaby Project, Juanita quickly responded in Spanish that the Lullaby Project is "a curse". She called Jennie a murderer, or an assassin, and then after the camera was shut off, she explained to Jennie that because of the Lullaby Project, 3 of her relatives had miscarriages within the same 2 weeks.

Later, when Jennie looked up the file for Juanita's relatives, and, as Juanita had said, three of them had had miscarriages within the same 2 weeks. The public file that the Lullaby Project released said there was only 1 miscarriage, and it wasn't even from one of Juanita's relatives. When Jennie looked up the file on that woman, there was nothing but an intake slip from Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

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