LG15CollegeDays - TSIY Pilot

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TSIY Pilot 24
LG15CollegeDays - TSIY Pilot

Whoah, am I on the internet right now?

Blogger LG15collegedays
Date Posted October 15th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Description Bringing it back to the good old days of LG15 LG15CollegeDays follows the story of performing arts major Tyler Milford on a crash course with the Hymn of One. After his friend Haley disappears Tyler goes on a quest to try and find her, while doing so he with the help of his best friend Dallas unknowing uncovers secrets about the Order. This causes the boys to be hunted down by the Resistance, but luckily through some unnamed internet contacts they are able to stay 1 step ahead.

Why is Haley so important to the Order ?

Will Tyler and Dallas ever find their friend ?

Who are these mysterious internet contacts ?

All these questions and more will be answered in LG15CollegeDays

. . . waiting for the green light.

YouTube Tags LG15CollegeDays LG15 College Days Lonelygirl15 The Show Is Yours TSIY Hymn Of One Order Trait Positive Cool

Music "Fire" By STRIVE
Tyler Unknown
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LG15CollegeDays - TSIY Pilot is the seventh pilot submission for EQAL's second LG15: The Show Is Yours contest, and the twenty-fourth submission overall. The title of the proposed series is LG15: College Days.


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