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This process described on this page is a misguided bureaucratic pain in the ass and should be entirely rejected by the community of UGC creators and fans who want a free/open and yes, sometimes messy/creative LGPedia where we can share information about these series without a lot of hassle, endless argument, editing, and general interference by a few control freaks, who unfortunately, seem to have put down roots here.

I am nominating this page for deletion. ~ QtheC 13:47, 29 August 2008 (CDT)

I think we should just move forward positively and try and find a way to meet the original needs of community video on LGPedia. Back in the day many series created multiple pages including character pages and video transcripts. That in itself is not a problem but the dynamic created by it led to friction. As time went bye some series failed to keep their multiple pedia pages up to date. That left the pedia feeling incomplete and some felt obligated or pressured in to trying to maintain the pedia at a "professional level". Some will say this pressure was self imposed. Others will say the feeling that the pedia should be complete is totally normal and the feeling of obligation was perfectly valid. It really just depends on your outlook. However this dynamic was set in motion and it was causing a great deal of stress because the burden of completing the pages fell on very few and it was growing rapidly over time. I do not think that anyone should question a community video that wants to create a page on LGPedia an that series should be left free to develop that page over time. We have even suggested a very basic template that could be used as a voluntary guide for a new page [1].
Now where we have a larger problem is when a series creates multiple pages because we have widely different philosophical views on how that should be handled. At one extreme we have the "open philosophy" which would say just let the LGPedia grow freely and organically and let users just have fun. At the other extreme we have the "rules philosophy" who think that the pedia needs clear rules on how to handle things. In the middle we have "voluntary" and "guidelines" philosophies. These are intrinsically different and it could very well be impossible to get everyone on the same page because of that. Even a consensus approach fails because then the majority are infringing on the freedom of the individual and since this is supposed to be entertainment that does have a negative or dampening impact on community video.
There are no easy answers here but I hope that helps outline how we got to this point. I would like to see us try and move forward as one friendly community that respects each others different points of view. We need to be positive and constructive and focus on the goal while understanding that each of us has our own view on how community videos should be handled on LGPedia.--modelmotion 14:15, 29 August 2008 (CDT)
Thanks Modelmotion, for a very balanced and understanding view of the whole picture. I saw this page and reacted strongly against it. Since then, I have noticed there was already a movement to delete the "Revamp" page on LGPedia talk:Lucy's Balcony/Fanfic revamp, and that this "UGC Desk" Page has been idle since it was proposed in March. I ended up here because I was looking at the lists of UGC series on the LGPedia and followed a link from the List of UGC series not covered on LGPedia which needs an update. ~ QtheC 14:48, 29 August 2008 (CDT)
If you have tried adding a page to WIKIpedia recently you probably found it deleted in less than 20 minutes. We definately need to steer away from what has happened over their. Fortunately we are a small community and we still retain much of the original charm of early LGPedia. That said, I think the admins are always open to constructive suggestions on what can be done differently. Right now there are a number of new shows that could really use a little love and attention on LGPedia, so in the short run that might be a better place to focus.[2]--modelmotion 19:37, 29 August 2008 (CDT)