Leaving Seattle

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Episode MAR12
Leaving Seattle

They don't have candy corn in Canada!

Blogger Marla
Date Posted October 18th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 1:56
Description I said my goodbyes today. Tomorrow I fly out for Canada...you know, I've left this place dozens of times before and didn't need to do this...but this time, it just felt right to do. Weird.
YouTube Tags marlasinger maddison atkins seattle goodbye passport
Marla Maya Kramer
Andrew Andrew Nicholson
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Leaving Seattle is the twelfth video in the xmarlasingerx video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins video series.


Marla: I'm, um... I'm saying my goodbyes. It's not... it's not a permanent thing, it's just that... I've got some stuff to do and, I dunno, it felt appropriate. It's actually kind of weird, I've never really felt like I needed to before. (Footage of a cat) So... Goodbye Binky. (Footage of a dog) Goodbye puppies. Goodbye fireplace, even though I never lit you. I even said goodbye to the slugs. (Footage of a slug) I realized today that I could probably learn something from the patience of a slug. You know, I have so much here that I love, you know? The dogs, and the yard, and the pond, and it's just really beautiful here. I was just getting comfortable too. Well, even though it's really lonely. And now, because you live in a crazy country with crazy border security, I have to go all the way back to Canada just to get a passport so I don't have to worry about getting out of the country every ninety days. It's like, the most ridiculous thing, I don't even know.

Andrew: Hey, goober, take a break, come love me.

Marla: Well, I guess I could.

Andrew: I've got candy corn!

Marla: Candy Corn's good.