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On July 15th, 2007 Linc had posted a video under his youtube account lofisyndicate entitled Make It Go Away. In this video he speaks of a recurring automated call that he is receiving every hour which states that he has until the 21st. He gives the number (339-933-4911) of this automated caller and asks for help to figure out what it means.

The message

Upon calling the phone number, a voicemail plays the following message.

The message can be broken down into 6 distinct parts:

  • Reversed voice recording of "Put me together" [1]
  • Sound clips from the following songs
  1. Stars - Heart [2]
  2. Walter Murphy - A Fifth of Beethoven [3]
  3. Young Black Teenagers - Plead the Fifth [4]
  4. Third Eye Blind - Jumper [5]
  5. Fischerspooner - The 15th [6]
  • Reversed voice recording of "I'll never be whole" [7]


The voice clip of "Put me together" combined with the pattern of numbers within the song names suggested that the numbers should be added together. The voice clip of "I'll never be whole" coupled with the numbers being in their fraction form suggested that the numbers should be treated as fractions (as opposed to "whole numbers").

The numbers within either the artist name or song title were as follows:

  • 1/5
  • 1/5
  • 1/5
  • 1/3
  • 1/15

Upon adding these fractions up, the total of 15/15 was attained. "15over15" was then discovered to be an account on YouTube.

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