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LonesomeOctober Video 4
Lonelygirl15 Cthulhu Interview

Famed Elder God, Francis

Blogger LonesomeOctober
Date Posted September 9th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description Purple Monkey talks to everyone's favorite Old One.
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast bree purple monkey cthulu interview secrets revealed press
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Lonelygirl15 Cthulhu Interview is the fourth fan-fic video by LonesomeOctober, featuring Purple Monkey and Cthulhu. Purple Monkey suggests links between the lonelygirl15 story and the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and Cthulhu gives us some truly fascinating insights.


(Purple Monkey is standing on a chair, in front of a bookshelf.)

P. Monkey: Hi, everybody. It's Purple Monkey again. I'm glad that you could be with me. Some of you may have noticed that the program "Lonelygirl15" has continued, despite the fact that I said we would be ending it in my press conference. The situation is this: our sponsor, Target, has insisted that we continue through the predetermined number of webisodes that we had promised them. The Lonelygirl15 crew has chosen to bring in some new writers, and to take the plot in some new directions. I am interested in sharing a guest with you today. I'm at the home of famed Elder God, Cthulhu...

Cthulhu: (off camera, makes a sharp noise)

P. Monkey: I'm sorry?

(cut to Cthulhu, who is sitting on an altar, surrounded by many wooden figures and symbols of his unholy brethren)

Cthulhu: (speaking in his own tongue, which to our ears sounds like a digitally-processed morass of slurping and guttural noises)

P. Monkey: Oh, I'm sorry, and what do you prefer to be called?

Cthulhu: (indistinct)

P. Monkey: Uh, all right, with famed Elder God, "Francis." Uh, Francis, you've been called one of the horror genre's greatest literary inventions of all time. How does that feel, to be called, "an invention?"

Cthulhu: (angry sounding speech, then what sounds like digitally-reversed words, followed by "Lonelygirl15")

P. Monkey: Can you elaborate on that?

Cthulhu: ...Bree... (indistinct)

P. Monkey: I couldn't agree with you more. I really appreciate that, as someone who's worked in the industry myself as a purple monkey hand-puppet.

Cthulhu: (indistinct) ...Virginia Heffernan... (indistinct)

P. Monkey: Now, this is a very different direction for you. Uh... previously, your work had been predominantly involved in the field of... rising from the depths of the ocean and destroying all humanity, isn't that correct?

Cthulhu: (indistinct)

P. Monkey: Wow, you make a really good point, and I don't think a lot of our viewers have considered that. Lonelygirl15's Poor Pluto video has a number of references, such as the planet Pluto, such as the stars, and more overt things, for those who are careful in where they look, that seem to point very directly to the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft. Is this indication that you, yourself, have been approached as a ghost writer for this project and are leading the plot in some new directions?

Cthulhu: (indistinct)

P. Monkey: And is there any chance you'll change your mind in the future, or is this something you're pretty much committed to?

Cthulhu: (indistinct)

P. Monkey: Thank you for your time, Francis. I think it's given us a lot of food for thought. I want to thank everybody who could be with us today to watch, and I assure you that in the future, I'll be bringing you the latest in the developments of the truth behind the Lonelygirl15 project. Until next time... this is Purple Monkey.


  • The Purple Monkey hand puppet is, in fact, available at Target stores (or at least was at one time).
  • Cthulhu's insistence on being called "Francis" is one of many instances of the name Frank (and its derivations) in the Lonelygirl15 series and its fan fiction.
  • Virginia Heffernan is a journalist for the New York Times who has written favorably about the Lonelygirl15 series.
  • Part of Cthulhu's dialogue is back-masked. When his speech is "reversed," he says the following things:
    • "Isn't Bree starting to look tired?"
    • "It's too late for Cassie."
    • "I know why the tag says cephalopod, do you?"
  • Despite P. Monkey's introduction, Cthulhu is not actually an Elder God, but a Great Old One. These two groups are in direct opposition.