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First Appearance Last Appearance
Lonelygirl15 Press Conference Guess Who's Back
Character information
Age 31
YouTube LonesomeOctober
Revver Lonesomeoct
Portrayed by Christian Haunton
List of LonesomeOctober's videos

LonesomeOctober is a YouTube and Revver user who has posted videos in-character as Purple Monkey and Owen. He stated in Purple Monkey Jumps the Shark that he is in no way affiliated with the Lonelygirl15 project and he would not be posting any further videos related to Lonelygirl15 for the foreseeable future. He quickly contradicted this assertion with Owen's Still so Angry a few days later on Revver, though there have been no more postings on YouTube to date. The videos did indeed continue through November 2006, but have since been absent.

In LonesomeOctober's videos, P. Monkey is a he, though this probably has more to do with the author's sex than P. Monkey's, as Bree has referred to it as both "she" and "he".

YouTube Videos

  • Lonelygirl15 Press Conference (watch) - Published September 3, 2006. This video is done in the style of a press conference being hosted by Purple Monkey in which he claims that Daniel and Bree are both puppets being operated by small monkeys like himself. This video was featured by YouTube on September 8, 2006.
  • Lonelygirl15 Connection (watch) - Published September 5, 2006. This video features Purple Monkey singing a song about many of the viewers' thoughts and concerns regarding Lonelygirl15. The song features new lyrics, sung to the tune of "The Rainbow Connection." Several viewers commented on Purple Monkey's nice baritone.
  • Owen Responds to the Lonelygirl15 Press Conference (watch) - Published September 6, 2006. This video features Owen, Bree's stuffed turtle, refuting the claims made by Purple Monkey in "Lonelygirl15 Press Conference" that the show was fictional. He also threatens Purple Monkey to stay away from the other characters.
  • Lonelygirl15 Cthulhu Interview (watch) - Published September 9, 2006. In this video Purple Monkey interviews Cthulhu, a horrific creature from H.P. Lovecraft's literature.
  • Purple Monkey Jumps the Shark (watch) - Published September 28th, 2006. In this video the unnamed creator of the LonesomeOctober videos reveals (while still using the Purple Monkey puppet on screen) that he is not affiliated with Lonelygirl15 and that he is not planning on creating any more spoof videos.

Revver Videos

The following four videos have been released by Lonesomeoct on Revver. It seems to be the same user as LonesomeOctober, but with a shorter, Revver-friendly handle. So far these videos have not been released on YouTube.

  • Owen's Still so Angry (watch) - Published October 1, 2006. Another video featuring Owen, this time refuting the claims made by Purple Monkey in "Purple Monkey Jumps the Shark", including the claim that the LonesomeOctober videos are no longer being produced.
  • Wanker?!? (watch) - Published November 13th, 2006. Purple Monkey indignantly responds to Gemma's video Don't Trust The Authorities, in which she calls him a "wanker" and a "geezer."
  • It's On, Gemma! (watch) - Published November 16th, 2006. Purple Monkey seeks revenge on Gemma by reporting her to a watch group for disabled Americans (Purple Monkey explains that he has no legs), and in doing so reveals that his full name is Paul McCumpet.
  • Owen on Survival (watch) - Published November 22nd, 2006. Owen reveals that he suggested the survival book to Bree in Daniel's video Silent Treatment because Purple Monkey is planning to kill everyone and thus the motel room is unsafe. He gives Bree and Daniel some advice and tries to get in cahoots with Gemma.
  • Guess Who's Back (watch) - Published June 9th, 2007. After a long hiatus, Purple Monkey returns. He explains his absence, and offers his opinions on where his character should go from here.