Maddison's Apartment

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Episode 19/2x006
Maddison's Apartment

CSI: Clara Stokes Investigates

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 18th, 2007
Forum [12416 forum discussion]
Length 3:02
Description Kind of strange. Her "War Nook" was in a small briefcase. Her desk and computer were gone. It looks like some grandma is coming in to decorate . . . but sporadically. Anyway. Sorry I didn't post yesterday.
YouTube Tags maddison atkins briefcase war nook SFA Thesis
Clara April Rickman
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Maddison's Apartment is the nineteenth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the sixth video of chapter two.


(Pan across the outside of Maddison's apartment)

Clara Stokes: Okay, this is the outside of Maddison Atkins's apartment.

(Cut to Maddison's kitchen cupboard)

Clara Stokes: All right, looks like pretty normal stuff here. Your basic oat brans. Doesn't really look like there's anything too uncommon.

(Cut to Maddison's closet)

Clara Stokes: Here's all her clothes.

(Cut to Maddison's book shelf)

Clara Stokes: Some of Maddison's books: Midwives.

(Cut to Clara sitting at a table in the kitchen. Atop the table sits a briefcase and an envelope)

Clara Stokes: Okay (reads letter) Clara, hope you learn something (mumbles) da da da... My wife has gathered... Not sure if anything will help... Feel free to read her journals but don't record them... well.

(Clara puts down the letter and opens the briefcase which contains the stuff from Maddison's War Nook. She rummages through the stuff taking out each item and looking at them)

Clara Stokes: I don't understand this. (She drops something) Oops. (Looks at the vials and mumbles something) I wonder what these little things are? (Takes out the Mr. Zipp sign) Hmm... Mr. Zipp. Must be famous around here.

(Cut to all the items from the War Nook spread out)

Clara Stokes: Yeah, well, here's everything... that was in the briefcase.

(She puts everything back in the briefcase.)


  • Clara drops a vial, revealed in chat to be filled with rice. Also Clara discovered a new note which led to a drop at the Coco Cafe.