Joel Frady (video)

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Episode 18/2x005
Joel Frady

Joel Frady.jpg
Joel Frady, extreme closeup.

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 16th, 2007
Length 4:45
Description The interview with Maddison's murderer
YouTube Tags maddison atkins thesis joel frady
Clara April Rickman
Joel Frady Jason McRoberts
Guard Jeromy Barber
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Joel Frady is the eighteenth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the fifth video of chapter two.


Clara: So, is this where he is going to be sitting?

Guard: Yes ma'am, I'll wheel him in right there.

Clara: Ok. Um, Is, will I be able to...can I be in here when he's in here?

Guard: No ma'am, absolutely not.

Clara: Ok will I be able to hear him at all where I'm at?

Guard: No ma'am.

Clara: Ok, well, alright. Well, see what I get.

(The video cuts to black and opens back to the white room.)

Joel: Theres not much to say really. I know what they said I did. I saw it on video, and I admitted to it, cause it was me. But I don't remember. I have what they call episodes, blank spots in my brain that nothing. I remember lights surrounding me everywhere and the police arresting me. I don't remember that day or a week before it. Its gone. Jesus (mumbles) it's just like he left me. I guess it was me that shot that girl and her friend but I just don't know. Now I miss my daughter more than anything. She's... but They said I was crazy, but I don't think I'm crazy I don't hear voices. Or anything just I don't remember and I don't know if they're right and I am crazy or something else if someone did this to me. If it was just intentional. Then I'm scared for all of us. It's horrible, feel terrible, and confused that my brain isn't even mine.. its. I don't know I miss my little girl. I want Beth my daughter, I want to hold her. I want out of here. (mumbles) I don't know what happened to me.

Guard: Okay Frady, let's go.


  • In the IRC chat, Clara confirmed that Beth Frady is about 10 years old.