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Episode 49/3x013

The MarlaHawk©

Blogger Marla
Date Posted February 10th, 2008
Length 3:52
Description Sometimes I use my hair to release stress....or the changing of said hair to be specific. There are so many images here that I wanted to lolcat. Maybe later.
YouTube Tags Zarbod Maddisonatkins Maddison Atkins Marlasinger Marla Singer Clara Stokes Amblyopianne Mohawk But Long
Music Not A Sailor Song by Jeromy Barber and David Morrison
Marla Maya Kramer
Marla's friend Unknown
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MarlaHawk is the forty-ninth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the thirteenth video of chapter three.


(Marla is sitting outside in front of a bicycle, the middle section of her hair pulled back into a ponytail.)

Marla: So, I am going to uh cut my hair, right now, outside, (holds up razor to camera, then moves it toward her hair.) with this. Um… And my friend here, she’s gonna help me out, but she doesn’t wanna be on camera, so, I won’t put her on camera. Here we go.

(Sped up footage of the friend – who’s arms are all that are seen, begins cutting Marla’s hair, Right side first, with scissors, and then with the razor, then moving to the other side, and repeating the process. They are clearly talking, but due to the speed of film unable to hear/make out what is said. At one point her ear gets clipped during the process. When cutting is complete, video returns to normal speed. Cut to the middle section of her hair now out of the pony tail.)

Marla: I think it looks pretty good. I don’t know if you guys will like it, but um… I betcha Zarbod will.