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Warning! This page contains humor. If it's hard for you to deal with that, please move along.
Freeze frame of Mr.Seal from lonelygirl362436's video blog.

Lonelygirl362436 has dozens of friends. They usually hang out on her bed waiting for her to come over and pay attention to them. Her friends are on all her videos, usually in the background, and she doesn't usually mention them by name.

Presenting Mr. Seal

LG362436 first introduces Mr. Seal in the episode My Surprise For Daniel. Mr.Seal candidly evaluates her surprise for Daniel, giving her a 7 out of 10. When LG362436 singles out Mr. Seal for his opinion on her surprise, she is bestowing on him a very special honor. Mr. Seal is, in fact, Lonelygirl362436's helper.

The moniker "Mr. Seal" is not a clever conjecture, but rather a very descriptive name, as Mr. Seal is actually a seal. Fans have speculated on the species of Mr. Seal, but very little information has been given in the series. One of the leading theories points to Mr. Seal being a hooded seal<ref name="Hooded">Wikipedia article on the hooded seal</ref>, which is a favorite of Aleister Crowley's.

Mr. Seal has been called Miss Seal in some of the later episodes. It's not yet clear whether Mr./Miss Seal requested the name change, or whether LG362436 just can't keep track of all her friend's names and genders.


Fans believe that the numbers 7 and 10 may be a clue. So far some very dedicated viewers have attempted several approaches to solving this mystery. A few notable examples:

  • 7, 10, and 362436 together make (710)362-436. Dialing (710)362-436 came to nothing because it wasn't a 10-digit number.
  • 7:10 is the time on the clock in the Proving Longitude Wrong video. This number first led to the suspicion that Orange Slurpees were evil. This signals impending doom for LG362436, Daniel, and especially Mr. Seal.
  • The ceremony has been postponed... again. The new *tentative* date is July 10th.
  • 710362436 reversed is 634263017, which is (634)263-017. That also came to nothing. Turns out that scrambling the numbers doesn't create or destroy numbers. This left comment board users meeping in disgust.
  • Coordinates 71°0'36",24°36' lead to Havoysund, a coastal town of Norway.<ref>MapQuest search for the coordinates</ref> This could be the true location of Jonas's parents, who were lost at sea years ago. It's unclear how Mr. Seal would even have a clue, except for the fact some species of seals are inhabit those waters.<ref name=Hooded/>
  • Some fans speculated that with the combined facts of Mr. Seal being an aquatic mammal (like a whale!) and the issue of Jonas's parents being lost at sea, this might be a reference to Jonah 7:10. Other fans were quick to point out that "...the book of Jonah only has four chapters, d*****s!" A brief forum flamewar ensued, but was quickly ended when a poster commented, "Did you guys see how low-cut that shirt was?!?!" The discussion ended for lack of interest.