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Episode 0017

Super Saturday.jpg
A really exciting video

Blogger kelseygirl15
Date Posted June 2nd, 2007
Description This is basically bits and pieces of what my friends and I did today. Unfortunately my camera ran out of memory, so I wasn't able to continue taping the rest of our day.
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YouTube Tags kelseygirl15 linsybeast schneidz124 saturday randomness
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My SUPER EXCITING Saturday. is the seventeenth video in the kelseygirl15 video series. Kelsey and her friends have fun.


Kelsey: Alright, so I just got back from my Saturday. And me and my friends had some fun today. But unfortunatly I couldn't film it all because my camera ran out of memory. I guess that's what you get when you use a digital camera to make videos. But here is part of what I did today with my friends.

(Cuts to Kelsey walking down a street with a female friend and two male friends. They engage in random chatter and spend a lot of time giggling. Cuts to the four of them shopping for candy at a RiteAid. Eventually, Ellen joins them. They then head out into the parking lot and into Ellen's car to assess their purchases.)