Near the murder scene

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Episode 38/3x002
Near the murder scene

Adam Near Murder Scene.jpg
Don't go too far!

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted October 31st, 2007
Length 3:55
Description This is more old footage. I forget the exact day, but it was after Joel Frady was killed or killed himself or whatever.

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm so sporadic, and I'm sorry that I'm not moving forward with the doc as fast as you'd like.

I'm trying.

YouTube Tags maddisonatkins maddison atkins clara stokes sfa father margil eyes adam lamar white rabbit redearth88 red territory
Music "Dream of Me" by White Rabbit
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
Clara April Rickman
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Near the murder scene is the thirty-eighth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the second video of chapter three.


(A Sign for the Oak Grove Cemetery is seen)

Adam: (Off Camera) You know it's July right?

(Shot of Adam Walking away from the camera. The camera follows at the same speed.)

Clara: (Off Camera) Um Yeah. I'm aware, I know. Pretty Hot.

Adam: Yeah. You know I'm not the smallest person you could've picked for this right?

Clara: (Off Camera) Right. You're my bodyguard.

Adam: I know but - can I work at night?

Clara: We have before and we saw how that turned out.

(Panned view of the graveyard. A lawnmower is heard in the background)

Adam: So why are we in the cemetery?

Clara: We're going to go see the eyes of Margil.

Adam: We're going to the murder scene?

Clara: No...

Adam: (asking about the camera) Hey, show me how to work that thing.

Clara: Hey, you know if it broke I'd be in BIG trouble.

Adam: C'mon, you gave it to me the other night!

Clara: That was a different...

Adam: Well, you did.

Clara: Alright, c'mere.

Adam: Aight.

(The footage at this point is of Adam watching Clara offscreen. It seems to be him observing how to use the camera. Adam then takes over as cameraman.)

Clara: Ready?

Adam: Yeah.

Clara: Just be careful.

Adam: Yeah, I got it.

Clara: Okay.

(Clara walks through the graveyard, and Adam follows, filming both her and some of the surrounding tombstones.)

Clara: Hey, c'mon!

Adam: Sorry.

Clara: Hurry up! Okay. (she giggles)

Adam: Is this gonna look all shaky?

Clara: Yeah, about as good as you're gonna get.

Adam: Awesome.

(They continue walking.)

Adam: Hey, are you taking me back here to kill me?

Clara: (Smiles) Not today, it's too hot.

Adam: Just let me know.

Clara: Yeah.

Adam: Maybe I'll stop writing for the paper. I'll make movies.

Clara: (Laughs)

(They briefly stop on a bridge. Clara removes her sunglasses, and she wipes away a tear. It seems to be an awkward moment for Adam, and he films a rock formation in the water instead of focusing on Clara. He then points the camera back at her.)

Adam: It's why Joel Frady died. He scared the crap out of ya. (Comment unintelligible)

Clara: I mean, a man died. I mean, are ya not serious about this at all? Like, even a little bit?

Adam: Well, I mean...

Clara: I mean, no; it's, it's, you know...

Adam: I'm sorry, no...

Clara: It just freaked me out; just a little, I don't know what though.

(Clara walks on.)

Adam: Where are ya goin?

(Adam remains on the bridge and films Clara as she walks across a nearby field. She stops and kneels in a small grove, pausing to reflect.)

Adam: Hey, don't go there! Don't go to far, I'll be right there!

(Adam approaches a bench.)

Adam: Hey, Clara, it's hard to keep this camera steady!

(Adam films the area; he shoots scenes of the water and of Clara sitting on another bench. He then shoots footage of the plaque marking "Holy Springs of Father Margil." He shows some nearby poeple jogging, and then returns to Clara seated on the bench.)

Clara: Hi.

Adam: Aight, so, what are we doin' out here?

Clara: Aight, let's go.

(Image of a red vial labeled redearth88 and a voice saying, "Amblyopianne, the universe is wider than our views of it.")