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First Appearance Last Appearance
Here Aygo! KateModern S2 Week 20 Recap
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En AU.gif Australia
Portrayed by Justin Martin

Videos with Niall

Niall is a friend of Kyle's from Australia, who, much to Charlie's dismay, stayed on their couch for an extended period of time. Niall is a slob with little respect for the people off of whom he was freeloading, which led Charlie to threaten to kick both Kyle and Niall out of her apartment multiple times.

In You Gotta Go, Charlie returned from her tour for JustIncredible.TV to find the flat a complete wreck, and Niall and Kyle drunk. She quickly threw both Kyle and Niall out for good.

Niall returns in Skittle Yourself to apply for the job of Charlie's assistant. He is surprised to find that she still video blogs, and comments that 95% of the internet is for porn.

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