Not So Pretty Now (File 3/15)

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Episode 5/2x005
Not So Pretty Now (File 3/15)

On top of murdering girls, he's got a drug addiction. Who knew?

Blogger Agent Penn
Date Posted November 13th, 2008
Length 1:55
Description Doesn't this guy ever, you know, smile?
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office shadow elder
Linc Logan Rapp
Julie Unknown
Summer Unknown
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Not So Pretty Now (File 3/15) is the fifth video in the The Home Office video series.


(Summer Cam, Julie and Linc walking)

Julie: I heard you singing it.

Linc: Okay, okay, so I listen to Kate Nash. I'm a sucker for the british accents.

Julie: You know, that's how you get yourself into trouble.

Linc: Hey hey hey!

Julie: There's an accent across from the pond, bat those icy blue eyes, and suddenly your joining a cult and doing their dirty work.

Linc: (stutters) Shut up.

Julie: Is that coffee?

Linc: Uh, sure.

Julie: Can I have some?

Linc: Uh... (drinks from mug, Cut to Julie Cam, with Linc and Summer standing behind a dumpster) Seriously, this is your grand plan!?

Summer: It's the best one we've got.

Linc: I'm sorry, but going up to a Shadow and asking for directions to his boss, is a pretty retarded plan. Kay, this guys are crazy. You know how pumped up they are on steroids and amphetamines.

Summer: Not exactly, but give me ten and I'll find out.

Linc: The correct answer is too much.

Summer: Look, once these guys go off the rails normally the Order puts a bullet in them. But, get this, they get other Shadows to do it.

Linc: (Pausses, then nods) He knew he was losing it and took off before they noticed.

Summer: Yeah, and this guy was hard to find.

Linc: How'd you even find him?

Summer: We know a guy. He finds things.

Linc: Funny. Julie!

Julie: Stop complaining and lets just go talk to him.

Linc: Fine, fine, fine, fine!

Summer: Hey, here, take this. (Hands Linc a small gadget)

Linc: Why?

Summer: Headset has a camera in it. It's been modified to broadcast back to Home Office. Big Brother's finest work.

Linc: You guys have been recording this whole time?

Summer: Yeah. Sorry.

Linc: I'm going to get shot by the end of this, I know that's coming. (Walks Offscreen)

(Cut to Julie Cam waiting on a dirt road, Linc and Summer enter the frame)

Linc: Well, that bitch was so fried.

Summer: Beyond fried.

Julie: What did you get out of him?

Linc: Well, apparently when they punched out his his fill of meds, Black got curious and tried a little bit for himself.

Summer: Now he's got himself a nice little side habit. He even sends out people to go buy him street drugs.

Julie: He's slumming it?

Linc: Well, when you get up to four hundred years old you get a sense of your own mortality. Anyway, we know where it is, so we'll wait for the next re-up and just camp. Man, let's get out of here.

(Julie turns the camera and they begin to walk away)