Perception Vs. Reality

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HSAO Video 1-38
Perception Vs. Reality

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Are you thinking straight?

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted February 14th, 2007
Description (Awake in a Dream by Dave Riddell) This brief lesson in considering plans for one's future. What we perceive is not always the reality of the situation. As you assess your situation, be sure that you are prepared to accept what you have been, what you are becoming, what you will become and what you will be left as...
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Perception Vs. Reality is the thirty-eighth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(In TiKO script) Life is provided by: TiKO FOUNDATION

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: Perception vs. Reality)

Ms. Kelly: (Clip of a woman in an old-fashioned dress drinking from a wine glass) What we perceive is often different (Clip of a different woman in an old-fashioned dress, sitting down next to a man in old-fashioned clothing on a coach) from the reality of a situation. Our expectations (Clip of a wine glass falling on the ground and breaking, spilling a red liquid) can cloud our vision, and these expectations can even effect our memories. (Black-and-white clip of a bar, with many people talking to each other) And this can cloud our feelings of self-worth. There are some people who rely on this fact. (Clip of a man in old-fashioned clothing sitting on a coach- a woman and boy both come and sit with him, smiling happily) However, because our past may not be an ideal vision of what we wish life could be, we just have to move forward. (Clip of a man and woman in old-fashioned clothing talking to each other) Though the seas could be rough, we must forge on, and when the tide seems unyielding, (Clip of a wine glass falling and breaking, this time with blue liquid) we must continue. You can save yourself by hiding (Clip of a pond, with barren surroundings) in the tiniest pond, proud of your most basic movements in the shallows, (Clip of a woman splashing around in the water, the colors distorted) or you can dive into wider oceans, (clip from underwater of fish swimming around) where the unpredictable allows for greater motion and freedom. (Clip of a single silver fish swimming in water) Or, you can stay a cliche, a big fish in that little pond, and if the right choice for you is that little pond, (Clip of a starfish on the sand- the camera zooms up and away as the tide washes over the starfish; when the camera zooms in again, the water is gone and the starfish has lost its color) please, beware of tiny inlets. Sometimes they contain brackish water where the sharks can swim in, and they'll leave you worse than just washed up.

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: Perception vs. Reality)

Are you thinking straight?