Reaching Out

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Reaching Out

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Then this Security Guard got really mad because we were stealing a display case...

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted December 2nd, 2007
Description Took me awhile to get the courage to post this. A response to Daniel from Paul.
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Music Good Morning by Pitx
Paul Unknown
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Reaching Out is the eleventh video in the Paul and Andrea video series.


Paul: Daniel. Daniel. Daniel. (Cut) Well, what can I say? I mean, I was a little surprised by your video. Back when that all happened... I mean, you just left without saying goodbye. And you're running around who knows where; We get no call, no nothing; And a year goes by and we don't know what's going on. And then, suddenly, you kinda come back. We hear from you again. I mean, I have been watching. I've seen what you've gone through and I know it's been a really hard time. I mean, it might be hard to just pick up and start over again but, like you said, there was a lot of good times back there. And I think one good memory deserves another, so I... you remember all of those AOL CDs? I mean, like, five years ago, you know, before the age of youtube when people actually used AOL. Like we'd go everywhere and you'd see these little things of AOL CDs, like free samples. Just incase you didn't see them, which was pretty impossible, they may try to mail you maybe... seven to ten a month. Yeah, like as time went by AOL got even more bold and instead of having those little containers next to the cash register, they upgraded to the giant display cases, that like sat in the middle of the hallway with like a hundred disks on it. And there was that one time, you got that senior to, like, drive his car in front of the department store so we could run in and like grab that display. You grabbed the bottom and I was trying to hold on to it so the disks wouldn't fall off and we were just running out of there. We made it through the door and we were trying to stuff it in the back of the guys car when suddenly this mall security cop just walks up and is like, "What are you fellows doing?" And he is acting all intimidating, saying "You'll be hearing from us" and this is some sort of misdemeanor felony. Yeah, I don't even know what. Everyone was laughing cause it was so ridiculous. Sure it was a stupid thing to do. Those were good times. Anyway now I've got something to show you. (Paul (First person camera) goes down some stairs and walks around the inside of the house, finally stopping at a basement window) So this is where it all happened, the basement room we used to hang out in. It's not much to look at now, at all. My parents emptied it all out in the past year. Hope thats not a metaphor for anything. Up here, basement window you spoke about in your story. In retrospect I have no idea how we actually got out this. I'd try to reinact it for you now but... prolly wouldn't be too flattering. Just keep that in mind next time things have got you down. No matter how much things change, and no matter how much time goes by, some places, not to mention friends, will always be there when you need it.


  • This video was posted as a response to Daniel's video Missing Friends, which included an unusual direct reference a (and photograph of) another series.