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Reset Button
Blogger Maggie
Date Posted October 1st, 2008
10:23 AM PDT
Adjacent Blogs
Directly after "Creepy Van Man!"
Directly before "HLPME"
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Reset Button (also known as RESPONSE REQUESTED) is a text blog posted by Maggie directly after the video Creepy Van Man!, and directly before the video HLPME. A picture was posted with it.


Jonas - We know that you are still recovering. But we need you to answer our e-mails. PLEASE. We are TRYING to help you. While we know you must be cautious, we need to know that you understand.

Trust IS a two-way street, and yes, we hide our identity. But this is because we have no choice. If the people we fight knew exactly who we are, it would only be a matter of time...

I'm posting something for you. Perhaps the others will help you make sense of it before our enemies can.

This is your mission. It has not changed. The book EXISTS. And it must be recovered. We have exhausted all of our resources to obtain this image.

Use it wisely. Hopefully it will help you see the error of your ways.



Puzzle Solution

The image included in this blog was an obvious puzzle. Once solved, it yielded a map to the location of the Samsaran Doctrine: