We will not be stopped.

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We will not be stopped.
Blogger Maggie
Date Posted September 15th, 2008
14:53 PDT
URL lg15.com
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We will not be stopped. (also known as The Hymn of None Calls You To Battle) is a text blog posted by Maggie directly after the video Introducing the Lifesblood Labs Strandbox, and directly before the video Call to Arms.


Do not close this window. Do not refresh this page. An irrefutable awakening is upon you. And it begins now.

By the end of this document, you will know all there is to know. You will be prepared to join our army.

Right now you are under their control. You are subject to their influence. You are prey to the whims of men who have infiltrated the social, economic, and political fabric of our society.

These men hide themselves behind a religious cult known as The Hymn of One. They fill the world with trite, empty words; aphorisms comprised of mixed metaphors and circular logic.

Behind this “innocent” veneer exists a powerful force of evil. Some have discovered this evil is known as The Order. They are pulling the strings. You are their puppet. But WE will not be manipulated. We are the Hymn of None. We are dedicated to documenting a clandestine horror. We authenticate and record this conspiracy so the world will know.

For over two years many have tried to battle the atrocities of the Order. But they lacked resources, resolve, and a better understanding of truth.

That changes now.

We in the Hymn of None are growing stronger every day. We will bring down an oligarchy of few that seek to control all. We will expose the truth.

And the truth begins with a girl.

Unbeknownst to her, she possessed the key to the fountain of youth. Many have heard of this girl, but so few know what happened to her. How she lived. How she died.

The girl had been raised a loyal servant to the Hymn of One.

She and her friends would soon discover, however, the sinister machinations that lay beneath its surface.

Many of the Hymn’s followers are innocent victims, continually succumbing to the Order’s lies. The religion is nothing more than a recruitment program; a scheme designed to evade detection while manipulating its believers to serve the purposes of a select secret society.

The Order’s goal is everlasting life. Through this girl and others like her, they continue to achieve it... They have found their fountain of youth.

The girl’s friends, like you, initially thought the story far fetched. But they soon began to believe when those around them disappeared. One by one. Their greatest fears were realized when she was murdered -- killed by the Order in a ritual bloodletting ceremony.

Make no mistake, The Order’s origins are rooted in a history as dark as it is ancient.

Many believe the Egyptian city of Dendera once held the true fountain of youth -- a woman, born to carry what we believe is a regenerative gene in her bloodstream. This trait positive gene has been passed on to her descendents throughout centuries.

The power of Dendera’s progeny lay dormant for decades. Until discovered by a man seeking immortality; a man considered the wickedest creature of our modern era; a man named Aleister Crowley. He was able to harness the secret of Dendera to create the Order, compromised of a clan of Elders -- mortal men who continually extend their lifespan by absorbing the blood of trait positive children; mortal men who are imbued with unspeakable power as a result of sacrificial innocents.

These innocents -- most of whom remain unaware of their birthright -- are scattered across the globe. These girls are unwitting targets.

But there is hope. Some, like us, have already begun to fight back. There is one in particular whose heritage enables him to not only oppose, but lead. His name is Jonas Wharton, and he is the key to the future of these girls. A generation ago his parents formed the first Resistance, a counter-organization to combat the Order. This Resistance ultimately collapsed. But the son swore to uphold its principles.

His journey has not been easy. He has experienced obstacles; attacks; the pain of setback; the death of loved ones; and deceit. One girl in particular endeared herself to him...Sarah, only to betray him and his friends in their darkest hour. She was a mole, sent by the Order to infiltrate, misinform, and destroy. But this woman was not without reason. She had been blackmailed by the Elders, who had kidnapped her family. Despite this, she still cared. Now her’s is a quest of redemption.

Though the two have parted ways, it is likely they will meet again. Our journey with them is far from over.

Jonas, if you are out there, we need you. The Hymn of None is calling upon you to lead once more.

You are not alone. Sarah will be with you. We will be with you. We call on you now to serve in your first mission.

Soon there will be an auction -- one encompassing various Aleister Crowley objects. One item in particular is of great importance: a handbook known as the Samsaran Doctrine. It contains Crowley’s most valuable secrets. It is considered the bible for the Hymn of One. The Order believes there will be no one to vie for it.

But they are wrong. One corporation has already made plans to seize this book. We discovered them through a series of code and surreptitious surveillance over these last few weeks. They are a medical research and experimentation company known as LifesBlood Labs.

We do not know what these people want with the Doctrine. They seem to oppose the Order, as well... Yet, they may also pose a threat to us.

Jonas, you must attend this auction. You must retrieve this handbook before anyone else. We have already launched the first strike.

The Order and its associates will know us soon enough. With your guidance, they will also learn to fear us.

We are the Hymn of None. We are the Resistance.