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HSAO Video 1-06
Rose Kelly

Hsaovideoimage Burn RoseKelly.jpg
Often used to symbolize Ms. Kelly's relationship to fire, "Burn" is a piece by artist Kara Walker

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted November 2nd, 2006
Description  ?
YouTube Tags hsa

Music "Porpoise Song" by The Monkees (off "A Barrel Full Of Monkees")
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Rose Kelly is the sixth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving planet, then an explosion, with stars flying out, caption: HSA: Expose Rose)

It started innocently enough.

(Screenshot of the LG15 website, video Proving Longitude Wrong) With dorkiness & schoolwork

(Picture of Daniel) Then came the problems...

(Screenshot of a TWJaniak video) ... which called for advice...

(Screenshot of a LordGreystoke422 video) ... solicited actions...

(Screenshot of the LG15 Forum) ...words...

(Screenshot of an OpAphid video) ...visions...

(Screenshot of a video, They Disappeared..., featuring Gemma) ...questions...

(Screenshot of the old HSA page) ...more dorks who love schoolwork...

This is where we expose Ms. Rose Kelly.

Rose Marie Crandall married a man twice her age. He was from the Crowley family.

But not that Crowley family.

She was disappointed. But, she called herself Rose Kelly anyway.

Just to make people think.

She married old Phillip Crowley. With passionate infatuation, he vowed to take care of her.

(Black and white drawing of a man in a top hat, riding boots, and a coat kissing the hand of a bored looking woman in tight clothing with her hair tied up in a bun.)

Rose Marie Crandall-Crowley-Kelly imploded for the first time as a small child. Each time, she put herself together again.

This seemed much too complicated for such a spindly, little girl.

She had no choice but to stop the implosions. So she began to explode. Slowly and quietly at first.

It took much concentrated practice.
But even as a child, Rose possessed much willpower.

Then as time passed, the explosions came more frequently, and began spreading over all her skin.

Then the combustions came spontaneously.

Rose loves the heat and how it feels.

Gogo says, "Rose loves control. She loves the senses. She wants to make the air interesting and breathing peaceful,

even if it means the lungs fill to capacity with empty. Rose has great phrases, and devoid of light and eyes,

she can utter nonsense.

Rose is gone away. She is gone. She has gone. She is away."

The world keeps moving and turning and continues this way and will always continue this way.

Rose is spinning.

Phillip is concerned.

Who doesn't love life?

Rose is exposed. Rose is spinning. Rose is everywhere.

Rose is lovely. Rose is crying. Rose is laughing.

Rose has slipped on her shoes. Rose is gone.

Rose Marie Crandall-Crowley-Kelly was overheard saying:

"When it envelopes you, the flames stop licking and become cotton clouds like it's snowing,

and the smallest inferno can penetrate just like the yawning sun soaks bronze summer skin."

(Black and white burning girl picture.)

(Revolving planet, caption: HSAOnline: Missing Rose)

HSAOnline: What now?