A New Beginning

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HSAO Video 1-07
A New Beginning

Hsaovideoimage NewBeginning.jpg
Because the first one just wasn't enough.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted November 17th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description  ?
YouTube Tags hsa mskelly begin engines wind to ahalt
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A New Beginning is the seventh video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving planet, caption: HSA: A New Beginning)

It's time.

Is your homeschooler bored?

Is your child limited in opportunities for positive social interaction?

As a parent, are you having trouble finding meaningful and challenging curricular materials?

If so, Home Schoolers Aggregate Online is just right for you.

(The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini)

Like the young people we serve, we are changing and growing.

Life is complicated. We veer and bend. Lose sight. Go off track.

Sometimes we find ourselves lost, confused and alone.

These are natural parts of life.

With an exciting new curricular focus and more opportunities for involvement, HSA is ready to start anew.

December 1st is the beginning.

Our students have strong minds.

We need students who want to move forward.

We need students who understand the importance of discipline

and the necessity of structure.

When we get off track,

chaos and confusion rule our lives.

These are important life lessons.

These are experiences that help us

grow, connect, unite.

These experiences help us to start fresh, and see the world through new eyes and glorious new perspectives.

We need students to share this glory.

We need students who will find answers to our questions.

Even if the past was a nightmare of reckless chances,

everything happens for a reason.

Everything does.

We want new students who can learn from our past students.

They have experienced quite a journey with us.

The faithful have demonstrated their belief in our path.

They have proven their worth, devotion and loyalty.

They have built trust.
They have earned respect.

Doesn't your child deserve to face challenges that will expand the mind?

Doesn't your child deserve to be a part of our rebirth?

When faced with challenges, strength and fortitude prevail. We demonstrate this fact.

Let your child experience all that we have to offer.

(Revolving planet, caption: HSA: A New Beginning)

(Image of the Hebrew word ברקאל (vet-resh-kuf-alef-lamed). In English, this is Baraqiel, a demon mentioned in the Book of Enoch.)

There is safety and power in numbers. Join us.