So We're Splitting Up...

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So We're Splitting Up...
Blogger Will
Date Posted February 22nd, 2010
16:41 PDT
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So We're Splitting Up... is a text blog posted by Will directly after the video Please Select Alternate Route, and directly before the video Training Day for Will.


I took a tally, and it looks like the majority of you all want Mason and I to try killing two birds with one stone, and split up for the next week. Mason is going to track down that shipment at the port, whatever it is, and I'm going to go back home and see if I can find Crystal.

I'll be honest: I'm not feeling too good about this whole idea. I mean, I've watched enough stock footage of the Scooby Gang to know that it's never a good idea to split Shaggy up from the rest of the group. Think about it...who does the monster ALWAYS appear to first? That's right. Shaggy.


If anything BAD is gonna happen, it's gonna happen on MY end. I'm always the one that bad stuff happens to.

Who gets accused of being a stalker? Me.

Who gets accused of being a hacker? Me.

Who gets charged with obstruction of justice? Me.

Who loses his job? Me.

Who gets shot on his first date with the girl next door? Me.

Who gets stuck living on the run from a bunch of bad guys he's never even done anything to? Me. do you HONESTLY think is going to end up being killed while trying to return home?

You guys brought up a really good point in comments: if I'm REALLY gonna have to do this alone, then Mason should at LEAST take the time to teach me a bit of self defence.

Or, you know, give me a gun.

In fact, I've decided that I'm not even GOING until I get some proper protection. I mean, honestly: I'm not gonna do any good rescuing Crystal if I'm lying dead on the ground with my skull severed from my body.

Also, two other things:

I've been looking through Crystal's sketchbook, and a LOT of this stuff seems really weird. I'm gonna upload some of it online and have you all take a look at it. I might be reading too much into it, but I think SOMETHING important is there.

And finally, if *I'm* going to the apartment, then I'm doing things my way. And that means first and foremost breaking into the security server and checking a few things out. I might need your help with that, but it will come later when I'm fully prepared.

Hang on, Crystal. I'm coming.