My Arm Hurts

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My Arm Hurts
Blogger Will
Date Posted February 15th, 2010
14:29 PDT
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My Arm Hurts is a text blog posted by Will directly after the video Because I Left, and directly before the video You Thought It Was Over?.


Can things get any more insane in my life? Really...can they? You guys have no idea how much I just want to run away from all of this. Still, Crystal is in trouble, and it's up to me and Mason to get her back. Time to man up.

All I wanted was to spend 2010 with a sense of normalcy and contentment. Lately, I've been questioning if that's even possible now.

When last week's date rolled around, I figured that Crystal and I could start over on the right foot. After all, what could go wrong? I had the perfect night planned out: shopping at the mall, eating at the food court, then back to my place for some video games and a lame movie. The only PROBLEM I convinced myself I would probably run into was if I ran out of conversational topics (which, as many of you can tell, isn't really my strong point).

Forgetting the fact that the date ultimately ended in me getting shot and spending the night trying to get track down Mason without bleeding to death, things were actually going great for the most part.

Or, maybe they weren't: I don't really know how to gauge women's responses and reactions. Regardless, no matter how good or bad things were going, it all ended in disaster.

Mason's being obnoxiously strict about letting me film things, now. Apparently I'm not allowed to hold a camera until his 'plan' kicks into effect, because I'll '...probably post it online and lead them right to us.' Still trying to figure out exactly who 'they' are, but Mason isn't talking.

On top of that, my arm feels like it's been chopped off.

No matter how many times Mason claims that he's given me more than enough pain medicine, I still think he's purposely trying to add insult to injury. Still, without my dominant arm working, there isn't much I can do here in Mysteryville.

Crystal is gone, and we're going to get her back. All of you out there wanting to help should get ready, because the way the walking 5 o'clock shadow is acting, it seems like serious stuff is about to go down. Luckily, I'll most likely be doped-out on pain pills through most of it.

Life isn't ACTUALLY supposed to be this crazy, is it?


  • The first letter of each sentence in this blog reveal the phrase "Crystal, wait for Mason's call." For more information, see LG15: Outbreak puzzles.