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This page is a reference for the OpAphid ARG character "Tachyon". For the strange video tag used by Bree, see Tachyon (tag).


Tachyon was first discovered by YouTube user LonWpnX who looked up all the LG15 tags. The similar style to OpAphid and the similar story to Bree caught their eye. When the user was subscribed to, the vids were pulled until the release of The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful

Tachyon, a character within the OpAphid ARG, is believed to be an undercover agent, who infiltrated the Order. While inside, she obtained information that OpAphid is trying to prevent from leaking out. Tachyon is now on the move, hiding from the Order.

Tachyon was also a strange tag appearing in Bree's video What's A Date?.


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