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is this some kind of joke? - platypus

Okay, first of all, I am female, believe it or not. Second of all, why would this be a joke? Read the news sources listed with this article. I don't even get what could possibly be "funny" about this. --Zoey 13:49, 24 June 2007 (CDT)
umm... get over yourself zoey. - platypus
Wow okay, that was really uncalled for. I posted a factual and relevant article about something related to LG15 and cited various sources for my work. It was further edited by Milowent. However, you then felt the need to change the topic sentence from "it was announced" to "Zoey thought it would be funny if he said". That's completely bogus. First of all, even if it was a joke, why single me out like that? The majority of the edits were actually made by Milowent. Second of all, there were MULTIPLE links that confirmed what I said, so clearly it wasn't just some "joke". You could have easily asked on the talk page BEFORE making those edits, but instead, you decided to make an edit declaring that I personally thought it would be funny if I made up a rumor to that effect. Furthermore, you decided that I was male, which I just thought added insult to injury, because really, I have never met a male "Zoey". My response to you was not "big-headed" or anything of the sort, so it did not justify a "get over yourself zoey" reply. If you disagree with something I say or you have a question about an article, you can always feel free to POLITELY ask about it or POLITELY disagree, but personally insulting me is unfair and uncalled for. --Zoey 15:00, 25 June 2007 (CDT)
whatever im not going to entertain this any further. only dorks read history pages and argue about them. i changed it back so once again get over yourself. - platypus
Again, completely uncalled for. You made an attack on me, then furthered it with petty name-calling. I could argue that "only dorks edit Wikis" to begin with. Or more personally, I could go with "only dorks call themself platypus." But I won't. Because both are uncalled for and untrue. Like I said, I have no problem with you expressing your doubts about the truthfulness of an article, but do it in a respectful way! --Zoey 17:01, 26 June 2007 (CDT)
i took it back and the only reason why you know about it is because you read history! and this should not be happening. what started as a "oh somebody said something kinda jerkish towards me but then they took it back. big deal" has gone a bit too far. i first thought you were a jerk because i didn't see the sources. you posted something that started with "it was announced..." which is incorrect attributin. it should say "(insert name) announced in an interview with (insert source)" but that not here or there. i took it back because i realised i was wrong and immature. but then you come along with your big ego and think there is something worth arguing about. you should stop getting in rediculous arguments and start acting like an admin. and part of that would entail getting over yourself and doing what is right for the community. the interist of the community does include you deffending your honor. so if i were you, after reading my reply i would remove this entire conversation because nobody else would find this interesting except you and me. - platypus

Giving away the plot?

Wow. I hope this doesn't mean they've already "told us the plot" that has yet to materialize in what is supposed to be a highly interactive serial.--DoubleG 01:50, 30 June 2007 (CDT)

  • lol... that is true. this could mark the event at which lg15 officialy goes downhill... i love the series but i'll be glad when we finally get a conclusion. i do not believe lg15 was meant to last this long... user:platypusrex256 june 30