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couldn't the "force" emphasis refer to the alamo or sumthin? also, risk it to help who? she has hope to help Julie, or she's for some reason wanting to help Taylor instead? also also (;)) as far as a filler episode, I'd say this one was pretty good! funny, tasteful silliness, update on the plot line, mature retrospective Bree... pretty good!--Nieriel.Manwathiel

Product Placement Part Duex? didn't they use to blur out name brands? --Nieriel.Manwathiel

Dressing Up

Bree looks incredibly well dressed and groomed for someone coming out of a Bunker. Perhaps she's dressed to impress to sneak these girls away from the order? JapanMIke 03:16, 30 April 2007 (CDT)


YAAAAAAAAAY Taylor is canon and they're going to see Taylor and Jules! xD

happily march into our doom

  • does anybody find it suspicious how easy bree and daniel and jonas trust taylor and julie?
  • did anybody other than me catch the orange reference in conjunction with texas?
  • is anybody out there the least bit concerned that this could be a sting operation?

- platypus may 1 2007