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Community content is part of LGPedia's Community Content area, which aims to improve coverage of community-created content.
  • Class: This content area has been denoted to have Basic Coverage on the class scale.
If you believe this page deserves a higher class rating, please see the community content assessment page or start a new conversation below.


{{Community content
|class = 1, 2, or 3
|subsection = 
|justification = 
|contributor = 

Please note that this template is only to be used on talk pages. Place it only on the main series (or video) talk page.


  • class: Options are 1 (Basic Coverage), 2 (Partially-Full Coverage), or 3 (Full Coverage). If blank, this will default as Basic Coverage. Descriptions of the options can be found at Community Content/Assessment#Classes.
  • subsection: Options are characters, puzzles, or videos. If one or more options are used, separate them with a forward slash (/). If blank, this will be omitted.
  • justification: Only necessary for classes higher than 1. This should be a link to where the video or series was featured, a reference to where it was featured/made canon, or a link to the conversation where the class was agreed upon. If blank, class will default to 1.
  • contributor: List of main contributor(s), who can be turned to when page(s) needs to be updated.