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Welcome to the assessment department of the Community Content area of LGPedia. This department focuses on assessing the quality of community content articles. Article ratings are used to identify content that requires further work, as well as dictating how much coverage content is allowed.

The classes are done in a distributed fashion through parameters in the {{community content}} banner. Filling in the class parameter of the {{community content}} template on the talk page of an article causes the name of that article to be placed in the appropriate sub-categories of Category:Community content by class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What class should my content be?

Most content should receive basic coverage. For more information, see the list of classes below.

What if I don't agree with a class?

For most series, classes are non-negotiable. However, if you believe a series deserves a higher class than it has been given, you can begin a conversation on its talk page requesting an increase and add it to the re-assessment section below.

Aren't the classes subjective?

Yes, to some extent. We have tried to make the classes as non-subjective as possible, but this system is the most fair we could decide on.

If you have any other questions not listed here, please feel free to ask them on the discussion page.

Instructions on how to assess community content

An article's assessment is generated from the class parameter in the {{community content}} banner on the main talk page for the content.

Class scale

Value Coverage Criteria Example
1 Basic Default for all series. Series with this coverage are not allowed to have secondary pages. Including a video list requires an individual, or a group, to come forward as the official updater(s) of the page.

Note: Singular videos that have been granted coverage on the pedia will receive basic coverage, but must provide justification for their existence.

2 Partially-Full Series with this classification are allowed secondary pages for character information OR videos OR puzzles. (Two coverage categories are allowed, but all three is the same as full coverage.) This is to be used in conjunction with the subsection parameter. LonesomeOctober
3 Full Series with this classification are allowed to expand freely as their content maintainers deem necessary. Redearth88


  1. Series can be automatically re-classified if an element of the series is featured by the Creators. Only the element that was featured will be elevated, so, for instance, if a video is featured, the series will only be granted full coverage for the video section. (If only one video is featured, transcribing is limited to only the video featured.) Featured content is to be placed in Category:Featured content.
  2. Re-classification can also be automatic if an element of the series is shown as canon, as was the case with Paulmark18. Only parts shown as canon will be re-classified, although two or more sections being deemed canon will escalate to full coverage. Canon content is to be placed in Category:Canon community content.

NOTE: In order to take advantage of automatic re-classification, a user must update the justification to link or reference why it is able to be re-classified. If a link or reference is not provided, a discussion is the only way to get the series re-classified.

Subsection parameter

The following values may be used for the subsection parameter:

  • Characters
  • Puzzles
  • Videos

The parameter is only used in conjunction with a video that has Partially-Full coverage, and may be omitted for other coverage classes. If more than one value is to be used, separate each value with a forward slash (/); note that only two values may be used at any time. For more information, see Re-Classification

Justification parameter

The justification parameter is used to display the justification for the class community content has been granted. This should be a link to where content was featured, a reference to where content was made canon, or a link or reference to discussion regarding the content's class.

The parameter is not necessary if an article receives only Basic coverage, and may be omitted. The justification should be present for any singular videos.

Contributor parameter

The contributor parameter is only necessary for series that have been expanded beyond what would normally be the series' coverage. This includes basic coverage series that have a video list, or series with expanded coverage based on discussion. The Flock is a good example of this.

Requesting an assessment

If you would like to make significant changes to an article and wish to expand its class rating, please feel free to list it below. You should also begin a discussion on the series' talk page, explaining why you believe it deserves a higher coverage. Note: This is only to assess the series' coverage - you may or may not get feedback on the article. Please remove the series from the listing once the assessment is complete.

Articles submitted here will not be granted 'full coverage' unless there is a pressing reason to grant it.

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