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HSAO Video 1-08
Term Registration

Hsaovideoimage TermRegistration.jpg
RUCE; or, more memorably, CURE

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted November 23rd, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description How to begin the registration process
YouTube Tags mskelly hsa hsao new term cooperative
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Term Registration is the eighth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving planet, caption: Homeschoolers Aggregate Online)

Term 1 Registration

Registration Assignment:
It's whose story now?

This term is all about creation:
Recreative creation
Cooperative creation
Technological creation

If you have not been through orientation, you will.

If you have been through orientation, you're a veteran.

Some brave souls have even been through a period of disorientation.

(for which I continually commit grave acts of contrition)

Now for the first steps:

Review or research or revel or revile the works on the page.

Get into the class notebook.

Be prepared to affix your own hand print, head game, non-testament epistles or mind design.

Much like Catherine & Billie Jo
Worlds and Letters
A Germane (sp.) Truth

Let us all be Bantocks

and Nick at the Golden Griffin understand what it denotes as I really Mean the Notebook is so Sabine.

So as for the password,

Boone's first question will get you in the door.
(plus a little spark)

But no capitals, please.

Term 1 will be about giving: research, uncover, construct, emerge

Research, Uncover,
Construct, Emerge
Research, Uncover,
Construct, Emerge

It's a mantra.
Know it as a rule.

It's a mantra.
Know it like you know the rules.

(Revolving planet, caption: HSA: Term 1)

It's a mantra you will need to know.

Study up, students.