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HSAO Video 1-40
Thanks for Listening

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It’s always the right time for school.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted February 21st, 2007
Description (Usva by Petri Sihvola) Class is about to begin, and this means organizing the essential questions. Can we?
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Thanks for Listening is the fortieth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


Luminous, it is about being whole. Gaps need to be filled. Lists collected, sorted, categorized. Darkness is so similar to light: clean, pure. And we need to cleanse. Stars are like the sun, but they’re just farther away and only at night. Morning stars worry us, but for all the wrong reasons. A kachina to some, but I wouldn’t know because I grew up as a girl.

Jane, there are so many things I don’t understand. You know what it means when I say I feel altered. I am compelled and urged. It’s like holding my breathe, only suffocation never comes. It’s like breathing underwater without the burn. Air is alive and water is essential.

Selena means moon or sky or heavens. Atlas’s daughters were raised into stars, all by the hands of Zeus. Selena was just one of them. It’s about power, and how people use it. Images can express. And Prometheus was a rebel and a hero. I know because my winter room burn heat.

Theresa, he knew the man who collects my paperwork. I don’t like being told I was wrong when I know I’m not wrong.

And Longlost, my dreams sooth and sway, allowing me peace as I splash and dive.. And when I wake up, I feel so rested. Yet, something is pulling.

There is work to do, but first there are questions on which we must settle, in which we must ease and to which we must connect.

(Final text) Join us. It’s always the right time for school.