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This page discusses"The Deacons" that have left comments after several of the videos. For information in the the deacons as portrayed directly in the video series as a group go to The Deacons. For information on the individual deacon who has been clearly seen in videos go to Deacon (individual).

Since anyone can post under the name The Deacons in comment there have been many random comments. However there have been a series of highly characteristic and informative comments that appear to have been made by the same person. This series of comments is the subject of this page.

Life's Not Fair

After the video Life's Not Fair a Lonelygirl15 user named "The Deacons" posted a comment. It is not yet clear if there is any connection between this user name, "The Deacons" mentioned in the videos, or "The Creators" . The content of the post contained the arabic for Urim and Thummim. It should be noted, however, that anyone can post under any name on a main video thread.

Learning Egyptian

Following the Learning Egyptian video, the deacons commmented: The deacons nov10.jpg

According to Wikipedia: "was a person in the Bible, believed to be the primary author of the Book of Nehemiah. He was the son of Hachaliah (Neh. 1:1), and probably of the Tribe of Judah. His family must have lived in Jerusalem (Neh. 2:3)." It is intereseting that they use the word Ascend since it has astrological significance.

Again, we see a reference to Urim and Thummim. File:Urim and Thummim2.jpg

This suggests that the Deacons plan on using Bree as a "medium" to communicate with "other life forces" during Bree's ritual. In response to this a user comments: "In a video where Bree is discussing what Lucy said about her having imaginary friends, could she be preparing her for something where Bree needs to ‘communicate’ with something that is not there? Surely if she was used to imagining conversations with her stuffed toys, it would be easier to manipulate her mind for their own uses?"

Motel Pool

After the Motel Pool video The Deacons commented: File:The deacons motel.jpg

They also commented her a few comments later saying, "Bree We are glad that you stopped to rest. We will be there soon."

Exploring The Motel

Following the Exploring The Motel another message was received from The Deacons: The deacons exp.jpg While it cannot be verified that The Deacons who made the comment are related to the deacons at Bree's ritual it message does contain a number of interesting references which will require further research:

These referances clearly indicate the The Deacons (user) have a though understand of the demonic world.

Someone's Following You

Following Someone's Following You, this message was left by "The Deacons": "Gemma, αυτό δεν είναι αποδεκτό. Πρέπει να απασχολήσετε τα affiars σας. Διαβάστε την ιστορία σας και μην μιλήστε επιλεγμένη πάλι. Η διαταγή δεν είναι ευτυχής με τη συμπεριφορά σας, και οι γονείς σας δεν είναι παρακαλώ ούτε." The Greek translates to roughly, "Gemma, this is unacceptable. Mind your own affairs. Read your history, and do not speak of this again. The Order is not pleased with your behavior, and neither are your parents". They also posted: "BREE Perussi vestri crustulum quod propinquus vestri visum. Nos erant usquequaque vigilo. Nos es undique quod narro totus lingua. Nos es in interventus quod habenae. Illic est haud subterlabor. Trado pro populus adepto vulnero. Vos ero ruina of totus. Is est tardus , denique admonitio. Temerarius nostrum consultum. Trado iam. Nos have seen , nos mos adveho , quod nos mos victum." This post is written in Latin. The odd language choice (we have no reason to think that Bree's religion borrows from Greek or Latin scriptures) and the poor quality of the composition is what has led many to acertain that these posts are merely another form of the fanfic that is a part of the lonelygirl15 tradition. The Greek language posting is particularly revealing because it contains the misspelled English word "affiars" (instead of "affairs") in the midst of the Greek writing. This has been taken as evidence that the poster was using a translator that skipped over "affiars" because it had no translation for it.

In essence The Deacons accused Daniel of being analogous to Sariel in that he lusts after Bree. Sariel is actually believed to have lusted over Raguel's daughter who was named Sarah. Sariel appear in the Book of Enoch and we know this is all Enochian.

The Knights Templar was a "secret society" who swore protect the holy land (crusades) now in one of those trips to the holy land is believed to have found the Holy Grail One believed it was the Jesus family tree, naming as wife to Mary Magdalen and child Sarah.

Man In The Suit

In the Man In The Suit The Deacons comment: Mits deacons.jpg

Location: San Diego CA 32N43 117W09

Fleeing The Watcher

Following Fleeing The Watcher, The Deacons posted another message: Ftw deacons.jpg

  • اوريم وتميم - Urim and Thummim - a divination medium or process used by ancient Hebrews (usually Israelites) in revealing the will of God on a contested point of view or other problem.
  • Grigori - Watcher - a group of fallen angels told of in Biblical apocrypha who mated with mortal women
  • Samyaza - שמיחזה - fallen angel of Christian tradition
  • Paimon - one of the Kings of Hell
  • Asmodai - is a semi-Biblical demon mostly known thanks to the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit
  • Amon-Ra - the name of a deity, in Egyptian mythology
  • 33n57, 117w24 - Riverside, California