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Immant Video 4
The Doctor is in

Don't call him "Dr. McCreepy" if you know what's good for you.

Blogger Dr. Immant
Date Posted November 10th, 2006
Description I'm not going anywhere.
YouTube Tags dr doctor LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast order immant night ghost caretaker
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The Doctor is in is the fourth video in the Immant video series. It was posted in response to Learning Egyptian.


(The video starts in silence with the slow frame rate style of the first three until Dr. Immant makes an camera adjustment and a normal frame rate begins.)

Dr. Immant: There we go, that's better. As I was saying, you may have noticed I've been away for a bit. My superiors asked me to suspend my online activities until we could meet and establish some policies and procedures regarding public disclosure of our organization and its practices. I'm happy to report that meeting went well. In the meantime, I had asked a subordinate to monitor the situation. Oh, here's someone who calls me "Dr. McCreepy"...that's cute. I've certainly been called worse since I've made my presence known. Rest assured those IPs are being tracked and those individuals will have a little surprise added to their credit history if they persist. We are not to be mocked in any way. It seems many of you are also trying to establish my current location. Well you can save your time. We are global and at any time I can be anywhere. For example, while I was away I had to take a little trip to make some advance...preparations.

(The video ends with a logo)