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The Jeph Show

The Jeph Show is a web series made by the creators and starring the cast of Jumatie. The word, "Jeph" are the main characters name's, June and Steph put together, they open most their episodes saying:

Together: Hello/Hi
June: I'm June
Steph: And I'm Steph
June: And together...
Steph: We are...
Together: Jeph!

Character Description

  • June - Main Character. Appears in all episodes
  • Steph - Main Character. Appears in all episodes
  • Matchyo - Main Character. His real name is Matthew and is June's brother. He film's the video's apart from the ones that are filmed with the webcam. He first appears in their video Of Bald Heads & Pocket Pickers. As he was not in the first video, Welcome to channelJEPH, his name does not appear in the title name, (Jeph) and he is not in the intro. He is the "producer" of all the Tuty Fruity
  • Uncle Roy - He appeared in the first episode but his name was not included on the title because he is not a main character, although he does appear in quite a few of the videos and the intro.
  • KT - She was invited to June's birthday party and appears in the 6 part episode, In The Garden. She also appears in one of the Tuty Fruity songs
  • Josh - He was invited to June's birthday party. In the video In The Garden (part 5) he stand's under the shelter that steph make's and says "Matthew's in high heels" as a joke. If you look carefully, you can see that he is behind Steph in the video Of Bald Heads & Pocket Pickers, he was the who Uncle Roy was talking to before he left the room.
  • Emma - She is June and Matchyo's mother, she appears in part 1 and 2 of Pancakes- with a difference!
  • Dave - He was invited to June's birthday party, he doesn't have a big part, you see him sitting next to Josh in the video In The Garden (part 6).
  • Saiiloves - She has her own youtube account, she uploaded a Preview Of Chav Season, later in the month, she uploaded "Chav Season With Sai Application Video", but Jeph were the only ones that made a response to the video, pretending to be chavs. A few hours after Jeph's response was uploaded, saiiloves replied back, but she removed it and replaced it with Saiiloves - Basshunter Chav Tray Day?. Jeph uploaded a video where they watch her reaction.

Vintage Jeph

Vintage Jeph was the end of season one, while stephanie was away. If they find an old video on their computer that isn't on youtube, they would upload it with the start of the title as "Vintage Jeph:" and they will say in the description when they recorded it. Home Movie was the first "Vintage Jeph" video.

Tuty Fruity

In Of Bald Heads & Pocket Pickers. June says "we are also a band called Tuty Fruity". Basically Matchyo get's the sound of Stephanie and June (mostly Stephanie) talking funny phrases and remixes them into a song. Sometimes Stephanie and June actually record themselves specially for a song, such as "Fruits" and "Skaftar". All the background music of Tuty Fruity songs are either taken from iMovie editor or GarageBand (Except for "Kelly's Bathtime", which is a completely original song). Here are the "songs" that are currently on their first EP, "We Fail"

  1. "Intro" (original)
  2. "We Fail" (taken from Home Movie and it's bloopers]
  3. "Oh No" (ft. KT) (taken from The Work: Fire Scene)
  4. "Is This Thing On?" (taken from "The Work: Who Would Do Such Thing")
  5. "Fruit" (original song)
  6. "Skaftar" (original song) (Shoutout to Stephanie's friends: Katie, Arum, Fey, Taffy, another Arum and Rene)
  7. "Blood" (taken from In The Garden (part 5))
  8. "No Fear (taken from part 3 and part 4 of "In The Garden")
  9. "Kelly's Bathtime" (original song)

For their self titled album, they decided to record original songs only and focus on singing and rapping rather than talking, the album is still being recorded. Some of the songs from the album can be heard on their YouTube, Dipdive and Myspace.

Tuty Fruity are now making all original songs, and are working on their new album.


Unlike most shows in the Breeniverse, this show has an introduction to it. The introduction is June and Steph dancing to a fast song in the room, suddenly the music stops and we see the title, "Jeph (that mean's june and steph)". In the video, Of Bald Heads & Pocket Pickers. June and Steph blame Matchyo for the unneeded apostrophe on the word "mean's". Jeph is no longer using the intro because June doesn't like the way she looks, In The Garden (part 1) was the first video uploaded without the intro. The last video with the intro was Vintage Jeph: Lost Fanta Bottle?, which uploaded after the "In The Garden" videos, but as "Lost Fanta Bottle" was a part of "Vintage Jeph", and it says in the description that it would have been their third video, meaning they would have put the intro on the video.

For season 2, they decided to make a new introduction with Matchyo, (but the name of the show is still Jeph) In this intro, June and Steph are moving a sofa rather than dancing. The same music as the intro for season 1 is playing. When the sofa is ready, they notice that not all of it is in the screen, Stephanie turns the camera so we can see the whole sofa and Jumps on to it, June sits on it and they both start laughing. Steph tells June to move across to make room for Matchyo, he jumps onto the middle of the sofa.

Full Video Playlist

All the videos can be viewed and Embeded in a playlist at their official youtube account


  • The room is used in the first two episodes of Jumatie

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