The Necessity of Order

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HSAO Video 1-35
The Necessity of Order

Hsaovideoimage NecessityOrder.jpg
It ain't no big thang.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted February 6th, 2007
Description We applaud Bree's decision to complete the ceremony. We also have some words of advice for her meeting with the Order. And class, we'll talk soon.
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The Necessity of Order is the thirty-fifth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(In TiKO script) Life is provided by: TiKO FOUNDATION

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: The Necessity of Order)

Bree: (From Me For Daniel) I'm going to do the ceremony.

Bree, it is refreshing to see that you have chosen to complete this ceremony.

However, we have a suggestion.

Don't trade Daniel.
Have him stay.

He could use some structure and direction in his life.

Daniel: (From Miss Me?. Written across the screen in a column 'JUNIOR COLLEGE - just sign up and start! - Gas 'N Class - GAS 'N EATS - good food good grub!' with 'CLASS 'N GAS' scrolling across the screen) You know, I know I've only gone to community college. Last job I had was at a gas station.

Failing to complete even the registration process at a junior college, his future does not seem bright.

Working in such a large, established organization far exceeds the expectations of his career at the Gas 'n Eats.

We assume Daniel would receive many benefits such as three square meals a day, the opportunity to pursue video editing as well as having his gas needs satisfied.

Daniel: (From Miss Me?. Written across the screen is 'I want to join the Order.', then 'I hope they let me in) You know what, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try to join the Order. I hope they let me in. I really like what they're about.

Well, you won't go very far with those communication skills, young man.

This organization is a large professional entity comprised of highly skilled and educated people.

It is not a suburban posse of pseudo-delinquets who toss around the latest in 1990s street slang.

Brush up on your grammer. Lose the soul patch and goatee. Get a letter of recommendation or something.

In addition, young Jonas could benefit from some needed structure in his life. Why waste one's life away padding around in a mansion with a fleet of autos?

(A picture of Jonas)

One with such dapper good-looks and musical skill certainly could provide much to the organization in question.

And while we're on the subject...
Take that bowling-bar-hopping young female stranger with you.

(A picture of the girl)

God only knows how she has been wasting her life since we have last seen her.
We are sure it won't be long before she ends up on television

on an episode of America's Most Wanted or on some scandalous reality television show of scantily clad sexy singles.

In conclusion, we applaud the efforts of your peer Bree to make a worthy decision.

Really, Bree. We're talking about an hour or two of your time walking and turning in a field in exchange for a bright future for you and your friends. Kudos.

And class, I have been to the class notebook, and I have seen your speculation about my time away at the TiKO compound.

A do appreciate your care and concern, however, in the eloquently expressive words of young Daniel:

Daniel: (From Miss Me?. The words 'It ain't no big thang' are written across the screen.) It ain't no big thang.

(Picture of burning girl with HSA written in TiKO print)

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: The Necessity of Order)

It ain't no big thang.