Then and Now: A Look Back at Lonelygirl15 Through Time

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In celebration of the one year anniversary of Bree's first video blog on June 16th, this page was created to look back at the changes that have occurred in our favorite series.

It has been updated to give a comprehensive view of the entire expanse of the series, between June 16, 2006 and August 1, 2008, as well as its sequel series, LG15: The Resistance (which ran less than a year).

"Anniversary" Episodes

This is a complete list of episodes that occurred on the anniversaries of the series:

  1. First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails
  2. Going Home (June 15th)
  3. Boy Tied Up

Characters (In Order of Appearance)

There is without a doubt that these characters have changed in the past year. Appearance, personality, importance... they've all developed in some way under a webcam.

Character Image June 16, 2006 June 16, 2007 June 16, 2008 Beyond


0016-Bree-icon.jpg A home-schooled member of a secret religion chosen to participate in a Ceremony. Bree had appeared brainwashed by the Hymn of One and her friends, Jonas and Daniel, were attempting to deprogram her and try to go back to a normal life. Bree ran back to The Order in order to save her friends from them; she was killed at the end of the Ceremony. Deceased


0475-Daniel2-cropped-icon.jpg Secretly in love with Bree, he helped her edit her video blogs. After being rejected by Bree, he began to bury his feelings through alcoholism as well as find new love interests (which also failed). He is now on the run with Jonas and Bree. After the fiasco with Alex, he seems to have moved on and is now developing a relationship with Sarah. There is contention as to whether he is over Bree or not. Went into hiding following the events of The Ascension. He was tracked down at the end of the Day of Atonement.

Drew Avery

0108-BreesDad-Cropped.jpg Responsible for Bree's schooling. He did not approve of her activities with Daniel. Deceased. Murdered after attempting to contact Bree and warn her of the Order's activities. Deceased Deceased


Tachyon-cropped1.jpg An agent of The Resistance who stole vital information from OpAphid. After exposing Gemma, she helped rescue Daniel from the Order. Currently missing, along with OpAphid and her partner Brother. Missing Missing


Lucy Smaller.jpg Bree's "helper" to assist in preparations for the Ceremony. A high-ranking member of the Order who has attempted to coerce Bree into doing the Ceremony multiple times.


GemmaChar-Square.jpg A friend of Bree's from England who offers her advice. An OpAphid agent revealed to be living in LA. She was supposedly murdered by Brother. Deceased Deceased


0511-Jonas4-icon.jpg A concerned orphan who offered a place to stay to Bree and Daniel. On the run with Daniel and Bree; Jonas has developed feelings for Bree. He has also been revealed to have family ties to the Order. There is some question whether he took advantage of Bree's confused condition. After several failed attempts to take down the Order, and starting a relationship with a new girl, Jonas was last seen imprisoned by Lucy.

P. Monkey

0023-PMonkey-Cropped.jpg Bree's best friend. Bree states she is too old to play with stuffed animals.

Nikki B.

NikkiBChar-Square.jpg Investigative reporter stumbling upon important clues and following BDJ's trail. Previously seen following BDJ to Texas, Nikki has now resurfaced at a Hymn Of One location.


AlexChar-Square.jpg A member of the Order who has betrayed Bree's location multiple times.


JulesChar-Square.jpg A member of the Hymn of One, possibly a ploy to get Bree to perform the Ceremony.


Behind the Curtain - Taylor Smiling-icon.jpg A Texan teenager who's helps BDJ with her computer hacking skills.


0436-Sarah1 20c-icon.jpg Taylor's rebellious sister with a crush on Daniel After some serious flirting with a new boy, Sarah was revealed to have been working for the Order all along.


0065-GroupHug.jpg 0184-BreeSmilingAsTheOthersSleep-Cropped.jpg

One of the biggest aspects of lonelygirl15 was Bree's room. After all, her room is the home of the infamous Grillz, Cookie Contest and Proving Science Wrong Series videos. Perhaps that is why the most significant of changes this past year occured in the video Life's Not Fair - the last video to feature Bree v-blogging from inside her room. Since November 2nd, 2006, Bree and Daniel have been on the run from the Order for a total of 27 weeks, more than half a year.


Crowley shrine bree bedroom.jpg 0205-Bree-Prison.jpg Recreatewhiteboard.JPG

There is no doubt that Bree's religion has been a topic of discussion since the series began. With clues such as a shrine to Aleister Crowley as well as Bree's announcment that she was chosen to participate in a mysterious Ceremony, fans of the show knew that the people behind her religion were up to no good.

With a year under the show's belt, its now more clear than ever that Bree's religion is a religious cult known as the Hymn of One, a brainwashing cult apparently practiced by small communities around the world. Worse still, is the knowledge that Bree's religion appears to be a recruiting arm for a secret organization commonly called the Order of Denderah, that includes other organizations as well, such as OpAphid - its former enforcement branch.

As for what is to take place at the Ceremony and why Bree must partake in it is still a mystery, though recent videos show that one reason why the Order wants Bree is that she is considered "trait positive."

The Friends of LG15

Last and certainly not least, there are those that witness the many (sometimes illegal) exploits of BDJ. Last summer, these viewers of lonelygirl15 had the humble honor to witness for the first time Bree journey through life. As one year has come to passed, these witnesses have become something much more. They've become friends to Bree, Daniel, and Jonas and are now even a crucial aid to them: a community offering their insight and providing that crucial-but-ever-important task: being willing to say, we're here for you.