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HSAO Video 1-02
Training Video- Peer Interaction

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If you so much as breathe...

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted October 3rd, 2006
Description Appropriate ways to interact with peers at HSA. Visit us at We need to clarify how we help our families.
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Training Video- Peer Interaction is the second video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving planet, caption: HSA presents)

How to Interact with Peers Online


Always identify yourself by first name and user code.



Never use your last name.

You risk expulsion.


Do not ask for peers' last names.

You risk expulsion.


Never share your email. Utilize our forum for all interaction.


Never disclose your location.

You risk your safety.


Never share personal family information with peers.

You risk family peace.


We should all learn from the mistakes of the past.

As unfortunate as recent incidents have been, we have an opportunity to learn from them.

Share your love for knowledge. Not your private information.

Now, study up, students.

We're always waiting.

(Revolving planet, caption: HSA training video #2)


On Revver, this video is titled HSA Peer Interaction. The description is "Follow our rules when interacting with peers. Some have not followed the rules"