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HSAO Video 1-03
Training Video: Academics

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Ms. Kelly's Catchphrase

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted October 3rd, 2006
Description Follow our rules to avoid consequences. visit
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Training Video: Academics is the third video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


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Academic Obligations

One: How to Prepare for Discussions

Be sure to read.
Two to three hours a day of academic reading is a must.

You can also enjoy up to two hours of pleasurable reading from our reading list.

Write 1 response paper for each discussion question. This will allow your assistant to be sure you fully understand the work.

This paper should be submitted in MLA format as an attachment and uploaded to our private user forum.

Two: How to Prepare Family Work

You should complete the work from your family curriculum daily. This consists of the reading and discussion questions developed by Ms. Kelly and your parents.

The work from your family curriculum should be emailed as an attachment to your assistant. Your assistant is the only person you should privately email.

Three: A Reminder
Please refrain from using our guestbook at the hsaonline page to comment. This guestbook is for visitors, interested parties, and those seeking to renew.

Those who have been expelled should refrain from using this guestbook to make contact. We will contact you and your family at the necessary time.

Finally: please stay focused on the work at hand. Your family curriculum should not be discussed with peers.

Study up, students.

Not a neat pity.
Seek specter.

Homeschoolers Aggregate Online

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HSA builds strong families.