Trust Jonas

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Episode GGIH 1
Trust Jonas

What you need to do is take off his shirt and feel his body for a bug.

Blogger GoodGollyItsHolly
Date Posted February 28th, 2007
Description I think you should do this test to decide if you should trust Jonas or not.
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GoodGollyItsHolly GoodGollyItsHolly
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Trust Jonas is the first GoodGollyItsHolly video. After Bree captures Jonas in How Dumb Am I?, Holly proposes a test to see if Jonas is trustworthy.


Holly: Hi Bree, it's Holly. I wanted to make a little video to let you know my feelings on the Jonas situation. Now, I know that you don't trust him at all. You made that very clear in your last video. But I disagree and I think there's a way that you can prove his innocence. What you need to do is take off his shirt and feel his body for a bug. And if you don't find anything you know obviously he's trustworthy. Oh! Make sure you make a video about it, because we need to learn to trust him also. Good luck with that and we hope to hear from you soon. Bye.


  • In the video Your Decision Daniel and Bree decided to go live with Jonas because Holly thought it was a good idea. It's unclear if Bree ever intended to follow her advice this time.
  • Jonas escaped before Bree could search him for bugs.