Unanswered Calls

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Episode 41/3x005
Unanswered Calls

I feel like a fifteen year old girl... and that's not remotely creepy, right?

Blogger Gregory Atkins
Date Posted November 20th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 1:49
Description I apologize for using this account to send a message to Clara. I haven't heard from her, and I'm not in Nacogdoches either.
YouTube Tags Maddison Atkins maddisonatkins Clara Redearth88 SFASU SFA Nacogdoches Gregory Greg
Gregory Atkins Brad Maule
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Unanswered Calls is the forty-first video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the fifth video of chapter three.


Gregory Atkins: You know, Clara, I'm amazed how easy technology is these days. I mean, even somebody like me can get a webcam, and we can put it up online; distribute it to the web, and I just... I wanna know what the holdup is.

Ok, I kept a cally of my... I kept a tally of my calls, and I've turned it up to what now: fifteen now? It's fifteen unreturned phone calls?

And, I've tried to find the MySpace video that you talked about, that you posted? Well, I don't know how to find that thing, because it's MySpace; and I don't know how to do that kind of stuff.

But why wasn't it on Maddison's page? I don't know how it turned out, but it was a good idea.

And if it's done, and done well, then it needs to be posted here, if you can; out of respect for me, and my beloved daughter.

So, just please, would you just contact me, please?

I'm bein' backed into a corner, here. And the next steps for me will involve a call to your... to your professor; and potentially, you not graduating from this university.

I'll be in Nacogdoches for the holidays; gonna tie up some loose ends. I gotta go back to Houston. Getting out of Houston is taking me a little longer than expected.

I mean, the house, I may have it a bit overpriced on the market and all that good stuff.

I mean, look at me! I'm like a fifteen year old girl here, just blogging away.

Help me, Clara.

See you soon. Call me back.


  • This video does not end with the picture of a vial.
  • Gregory's comment about "a 15 year-old girl" may refer to Bree, or a light jab at the Lonelygirl15 series.