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A relative newcomer to the Lonelygirl15 series, ApotheosisAZ was once widely believed to be a type of red sauce for pulled-pork sandwiches, and more recently believed to own a chain of combination bikini carwash/deli sandwich shops.

However, ApotheosisAZ has been posting parody-styled fan videos for some time. He draws occasional notice from people from within the Breeniverse and also from those outside.

ApotheosisAZ appeared briefly as a guest speaker in a Commencement Address for HSAO, and portrayed a news announcer in The Chosen Flock "5 on 5" series video, Short Changed. He has also been mentioned as a culinary afterthought by NikkiBowerReport, and was mentioned by the nickname "Apo" by the character Jonas in the lonelygirl15 video, Camp Play.

Apo welcomes visitors to his page on YouTube. He also invites people to tune into his radio show on BreeFM, Sunday afternoons at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern time.

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