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KateModern Characters

Main Characters
Star white on red.gif
Star white on red.gif

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.

Kate Small.jpg

Portrayed by: Alexandra Weaver

A trait positive artist from London.

Charlie Small.jpg

Portrayed by: Tara Rushton

Kate's roommate and best friend.

Gavin Small.jpg

Portrayed by: Ralf Little

Charlie's boyfriend and Tariq's business partner.

Tariq Small.jpg

Portrayed by: Jai Rajani

Kate's ex-boyfriend and Gavin's business partner.

Supporting Characters
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Star white on red.gif

These supporting characters have been seen in many of the videos. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.

Aunt Joan-cropped.jpg

Portrayed by: Margaret Hyams

Gavin's aunt and safety net.


Portrayed by: Giles Alderson

A "friend" of the K-Team who is a member of the Hymn of One.


Portrayed by: Pippa Duffy

A fan who runs the KateModern Bebo page.


Portrayed by: Valerie Cutko

World famous artist believed to be an Elder of the Order.


Portrayed by: Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty

Tariq's new girlfriend whose more down to earth than Kate.


Portrayed by: Sam Donovan

An former employee of Gavin and Tariq's who was treated poorly.


Portrayed by: Matthew Gammie

A man to whom Gavin and Tariq owe a lot of money.

Patricia Nelson-cropped.jpg

Portrayed by: T'Nia Miller

A interviewer, working on a Documentary about the Order.

Former Characters
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For a variety of reasons, these once main, but now former characters, no longer appear in the series.


Portrayed by: Liam Reilly

Dr. William Griffin's son who claimed to be working against the Order.


Portrayed by: Gene Foad

The doctor Kate visited who seemed to know a great deal about the Order.

Guest Characters
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Star white on red.gif

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Stuart Yule

A policeman on the scene at Carnaby Street

Portrayed by: Himself

An actor who thinks Charlie is cute.

Portrayed by: Amy Barnes

An usher who stops Gavin from entering the cinema because of his camera.

Portrayed by: Claudia Joseph

A woman whom Kate buys sunflowers from.

Portrayed by: Various Actresses

Girls that Gavin meets who are amused by his strange fetish.

Portrayed by: Pete Gibbons

A man in a black suit who watches Kate's apartment.

Portrayed by: Hazel Grian

On the scenes reporter at Kate's art show.

Portrayed by: Jamie Turner

Cameraman of on the scenes reporter at Kate's art show.

Portrayed by: Themselves

A Band that Kate and Charlie meet in Devon.

Portrayed by: Pete Gibbons

Charlie's boss, who almost caught Charlie videoblogging at her office.

Portrayed by: Pauline Finbow

A neighbor of Charlie's who saw Dudley's body taken away.

Portrayed by: Gavin Rowe, Claire Finbow

Charlie's obnoxious co-workers.

Portrayed by: Jonathan Almond

The Hairdresser at the Pantene Shoot.

Portrayed by: Curranne Labercane

The model at the Pantene Shoot.

Portrayed by: Caroline Virr

Drew's assistant.

Portrayed by: Stuart White

A videographer from the Pantene Shoot.

Portrayed by: Elizabeth Day

A woman who helped Lee deliver his gnome.

Unseen Characters
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Star white on red.gif

These are people who have been referenced, but not seen, in the KateModern videos.

Kate visits him after he appears in one of her dreams.

A girl in America who was killed by the Order.

Tariq's father, whose death results in Tariq solving his problems with his fists.

Charlie's sister, who she doesn't get to see very often.

Charlie's adorable niece, who she regrets not being able to watch growup.

She lives in London, and Tariq breaks into her house to find Gavin.

Scientist in America that sends Charlie the trait negative serum.

Charlie calls her before receiving the serum from Spencer.