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Parent series lonelygirl15
Created by Glenn Rubenstein
OpAphid Mari Devincenzi
Tachyon Unknown
Brother Glenn Rubenstein
War Pylol Unknown
Cassie Unknown
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Gemma Jackie Jandrell
Production Crew
Director Glenn Rubenstein
Writer Glenn Rubenstein
Editor Glenn Rubenstein
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi

The OpAphid ARG (commonly referred to as just OpAphid) was once the official Alternate Reality Game of lonelygirl15. It started as the solo project of Glenn Rubenstein. When the Creators saw how much talent Glenn had, they hired him as a part of the lonelygirl15 crew and OpAphid became canon.

The OpAphid ARG featured puzzles, drops,, and regular YouTube profile updates. Later, after Glenn was fired from the lonelygirl15 crew, the OpAphid ARG became a part of the backstory of Glenn's new project, Redearth88.

Cast of characters

  • Mari Devincenzi as OpAphid, the codename of an agressive and mysterious Order operative who runs her own division, named Operation APHID. She's not afraid to use harmful tactics to get what she wants.
  • Unknown Actress as Tachyon, the codename of OpAphid's main enemy, a sly Resistance operative who knows what buttons to press to anger OpAphid and the Order. She's helped out TAAG several times.
  • Glenn Rubenstein as Brother, the codename of Tachyon's so-called "partner in justice." He's also gone undercover as 10033 and Sebastian, and once had a fling with Gemma in order to find out more about OpAphid.
  • Unknown Actor as War Pylol, an Operation APHID agent who isn't afraid to use violence for the Order. He's been sent to capture many a trait positive, but needs to watch what he's doing.
  • Unknown Actress as Cassie, a mysterious friend from Bree Avery's past. A lot of OpAphid's videos and messages have dealt with her, and the whole story behind Cassie is still shrowded in mystery.
  • Jessica Lee Rose as Bree Avery, a bubbly teenage girl whose trait positive blood makes her the target of a dangerous cult called the Order. She gained a large following on YouTube due to her quirky video blogs.
  • Yousef Abu-Taleb as Daniel, Bree's best friend who only wishes to protect her, but is often distracted by romantic engagements. He can often jump to conclusions, and battles with an alcohol addition along with his parents.
  • Jackie Jandrell as Gemma, a friend-turned-foe of Bree's who grew up in the Hymn of One with her. When she started making videos, Tachyon revealed that Gemma was working for OpAphid. Later, Brother killed Gemma.

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