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Tricksy Nixie the quick fix Pixie.
Pixie is a small and unusual creature that lives in the West Midlands in England. She flits around on the internet all day and first stumbled across LG15 in January 2007.

Age 23
Birthday February 7th (Aquarius)
MySpace rocknrollpixie

Pixie Pedia

  • Pixie has only just started faffing on the LGpedia. (As of 13th May 2007)
  • She was trying to keep the New Girls page up to date. Obviously not on her own though :p
  • When she first signed up she was Nowerepixie and it annoyed her that she spelt her own username wrong, so she changed it. She edited for the first few times under that name.
  • Pixie did her first actual useful thing today in LGpedia. She provided a transcript, picture and notes for Why?. (1st October 2007)

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