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Hi, I'm Loor. I make random little edits that really aren't that important (linking, grammar, spelling etc.) I lurk and don't say much. Teehee...

0184-SarahHoldingLipstick-Cropped.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Sarah.
Charlie Small.jpg This user's favorite KateModern character is Charlie.
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user wants to Bring Back Tach.
Lonelybeast.jpg Lonelybeast taught this user about the Cornwallis Effect.
C'mawn babay ah'll sang u a sawng! This user really wanted to hear P. Monkey sing Bree a song.
I like Donuts.JPG This user's favorite art installation piece is "Bored As Hell Blogging."
SpencerGreen.jpg This user's lg15 crush is Spencer.
LG This user has been following lonelygirl15 since February 2007.
Pmonkey.jpg This user wants P. Monkey to go back on the shelves at Target and be discontinued no more!
HotBaloon.jpg This user still likes Gemma, even if she is evil. Go figure.