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ARG rules specify that elements used in a story line should be real. This means that when a phone number is used it should be an active phone number. This page gives several phone numbers that can be used for refernce by those participating. At this point only the Brother and Linc numbers appear to have been used but since the other numbers (which were used in other story lines in the Universe) remain active they provide a useful resource.

No numbers are active at this time, but here are the former numbers:

  • (310) 933-6263 - Temporary line used for mash up
  • (310) 933-5901 - Brother's phone
  • (415) 670-9198 - Tachyon's latest phone
  • (339) 933-4911 - Linc's #

Acidfingers has made a recording of the machine to save us all phonebills, time and sanity.

Music mashup

  • Original Recording


  • Reversed Recording


  • First Section Reversed Recording


  • The Findings
  1. BEEP
  2. SOUND CLIP - "Put me together"
  3. BEEP
  4. FIRST SONG CLIP - Heart by Stars
  5. SECOND SONG CLIP - 5th Symphony by Beethoven
  6. THIRD SONG CLIP - Plead the Fifth by Young Black Teenagers
  7. FOURTH SONG CLIP - Jumper by Third Eye Blind
  8. FIFTH SONG CLIP - The 15th by Fischerspooner
  9. BEEP
  10. SOUND CLIP - "I'll never be whole"
  11. BEEP


New voicemail


The chorus of "Dead mans party" by Oingo Boingo is heard on the message which is:

  • I was struck by lighting
  • Walkin' down the street
  • I was hit by something last night in my sleep
  • It's a dead man's party
  • Who could ask for more
  • Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door
  • Leave your body and soul at the door . . .
  • (Don't run away it's only me)