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Lonelygirl362436 with hat.JPG
First Appearance Last Appearance
Daniel Dumped Me My Surprise For Daniel
Character information
Age 36 or 24
Date of Birth March 6 or February 4
MySpace epicmovie
YouTube lonelygirl362436
Portrayed by Carmen Electra
List of Velvita's blogs
Videos with Velvita
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Warning! This page contains humor. If it's hard for you to deal with that, please move along.

Lonelygirl362436, played by Carmen Electra, is the star of the Lonelygirl362436 video series. The backstory of this vivacious young girl has been shrouded in much mystery, each episode revealing bits and pieces of her life and body along with the current situations she is facing. Much speculation has been put forth in the viewing community about a religion she is reluctant to speak openly about, the current conflict surrounding Daniel, her relationship with her stuffed animals, whether or not her praying technique is acceptable, and if she is good at the dismount.

Similarities to lonelygirl15

Some fans have noted a number of similarities between Lonelygirl362436 and lonelygirl15. Both live in similar-looking rooms, and have the same bed sheets from Target. Both have a shrine to Aleister Crowley on their wall. Lonelygirl362436 appears to be less lonely, because instead of four stuffed animals, she appears to have dozens.

Bree's helper is named P. Monkey whereas LG362436's helper is named Mr. Seal. It is unknown if Mr. Seal likes P. Monkey. Probably not.

Both lonelygirl15 and lonelygirl3623436 are hiking enthusiasts. Both girls appear to date Daniel. In the video My Surprise For Daniel, lonelygirl362436 revealed that her purity bond had not survived some sort of wrestling match with Daniel. In the video, My Difficult Decision Bree revealed that her parents told her that her purity bond had not survived either, although the only sport she had been involved with appeared to be swimming. Some speculate that Bree and Daniel shared a towel which resulted in her loss of purity kind of like sitting on a toilet seat after a boy.

Many fans have noted the strange similarities in these two girls' stories and rooms and have speculated that all of the specially-placed girls from the Order are lonely. It has been further speculated that Daniel's appearance in this series is proof that he is actually a special operative for the Order and is utilized to test various lonely girls' suitability for the ceremony. Others have speculated that Daniel is really just a pimp and "gets all da bitches". Still others view Daniel as a dangerous predator that preys on lonely girls' vulnerabilities and suggest he be shot on sight. Support for this theory is evidenced by his nickname of "Beast" by both girls.


Bree's name is similar to a type of gourmet cheese, brie. Some have speculated that Lonelygirl362436's name is Velvita, a cheap name similar to a type of cheap cheese, Velveeta. Though cheap, Velveeta also tastes good and most people love it even if they won't publicly admit it. Velveeta cheese is owned by Kraft Foods. It is possible that the videos are also viral marketing for Kraft.


Although lonelygirl362436's blogs were produced as a promotion for Epic Movie, it is unknown if she is a canon character. The Creators have confessed to producing the videos[1].