What unthinkable happened?

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This page is discussing the speculation and the results concerning the video and the aftermath of the video The Unthinkable Happened.

What Happened

During the video, The Unthinkable Happened, we witness a chaotic scene. Thankfully, Jonas cleared up some of the chaos in 45 Seconds.

I remember this older dude, and he was kinda balding, he had gray hair on the side. 
I--I guess, Bree said he was a deacon, and then I remember a blonde woman?

From this quote, we discover that the two people in the black sedan were a Deacon and Lucy.

It wasn't until I heard the gunshot that I, you know, I snapped out of it and I realized that 
we had to get out of there, fast. It's weird, when the black sedan pulled up, I thought that 
maybe it was some kind of trap that Bree's dad had set or something, but, you know, Bree, 
she was right--right there in the open, and I don't remember them even trying to grab her.
But when I turned around, I saw... I saw Bree's dad on the ground. The next thing I
remember, we were just hauling ass trying to get out of that parking structure, but when I 
looked in the rearview... I saw them loading his body in the trunk...and they really didn't even
seem concerned about us.

From this quote we discover that Bree's father was indeed shot. We also discover that they (Lucy and the Deacon) were not there for Bree.

So why are people saying it was Gemma shot?

Brother, Tachyon's partner, posted a video within moments of The Unthinkable Happened. His video, [[Gemma [Part V]]] displayed Gemma walking through a back-alley, and in what appeared to be cross hairs of a sniper rifle. Many people speculated that the gun shot that we heard was in fact Brother's rifle. Although many soldiers in the forums, and gun enthusiasts opinions differed. Speculation went rampant for a while about Gemma's life status, until a recent video posted by OpAphid (The Ends Justify The Means) displayed a message "RIP Gemma" in braille. Speculation still stands in the discussions about Gemma, but the majority say that Gemma is deceased.

The talk between Bree and her Father

Although we're not 100% sure of the full details of the discussion between Bree and her father, we do know some:

The Paternity of Bree

We discover in My Dad Said... that during the discussion Bree discovers that the people she grew up to know as her parents are not her biological parents. We also find out that there seems to be a feud between Bree and her Dad, and her Mom. We also know that Bree is not alone in this.

Bree's Mother

Although we do not know who Bree's mother, we discover in My Dad Said... that Bree's mom is not her biological Mother. We also discovered that Bree's Mom was high up in the Order (Hiding in The Bathroom). There is some speculation that she may in fact be OpAphid.

A perfect example of what Bree and her Dad discussed was seen in Hiding In The Bathroom:

My dad, he told me a lot about the Order, and not a single thing was positive.
My dad told me the Order takes these girls who show potential, at birth, and
place them in controlled homes. [sic] Apparently, there are thousands of them,
but once they hit puberty only a fraction of a percentile develop the characteristics 
needed for the ceremony.