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First Appearance Last Appearance
Too Dangerous! Schizophrenic
Character information
Age 20
Date of Birth February 14, 1988
MySpace pinayeyezxoxo
YouTube thefacil1ty
Portrayed by Stephanie Wilson


LG15 Response Videos

Annie posts her first video talking about her addiction to LG15, and her second video talking about the Season 2 Finale. Her third video is advice to the LG15 characters about disguises.

The Olhymn

Annie soon after gets paid a visit by her doctor, Dr. Monroe, and her cousin, Sonia. He says the due to her "blood condition" it would be best for her to accompany him to the temple of Olhymn. Annie is suspicious, but her mom follows them blindly, forcing Annie to go with her. Annie uses this oppurtunity to do reseach, asking her old friend Gary, a watcher, questions. He reveals the the Olhymn is just another front for the Order, and that Bree may still be alive. Annie decides to go on the run, and leave the Olhymn behind. She asks for Ethan's help, and quickly uploads the video.

Lost Videos

Annie sends some of her un-posted videos to her friend Christian (also known as the Germexican). In her first lost video, Annie is interviewing students of the Olhymn school, asking for their opinions on it. Everyone agrees that it's a good school, except for one girl named Lily. Annie goes to ask Lily why she said this, only to find out that she'd been taken by mysterious Order workers called Cleaners (they're job is to erase any memories from your brain that The Order doesn't want there anymore). The Cleaner chases after her as the screen cuts to black. The next two videos are of her being held captive by the Cleaners, while she is kept drugged and intoxicated, presumably being prepared for the Ceremony.

Annie's Return

A few months later, Annie posted a new video. She seems a lot healthier but warns the community about the hit the Order has placed out on everyone. In the forums, she posted several chats about her attempts to find Ethan and Greg Mason. She was shocked when Gina died, and Annie began plotting the death of Ted's youngest son Tad Mckinely. During this process, Annie was kidnapped and mentally tortured by the Order. At this point it was revealed to her and the community that she is Emma's biological sister. During the lonefox101 series finale Annie left several messages and inadvertently died do to unknown reasons during lf101 24 and 24.

Patient 15: The Order's Control

Shortly after the finale, small inaudible clips were posted on Annie's account. Finally, a watcher (played by Javier) posted a ghostly message to everyone to consider this a warning. From that point on, a mysterious Dr. Monroe (played by Virginian9000) posted videos expressing his regret. The creator of Wilannies has announced a series of videos that will be a prequel to Wilannies and Lonefox101. They are to air very soon.

So far, the only confirmed characters to appear are the Watcher, Dr. Monroe, and Adam (played by snl06), who stands to be the first Lonefox101 character to cross over with Wilannies.

Stay tuned and watch it unfold!

The Facility

Annie is back

Annie's Blog

Annie's blog, www.annieislistening.blogspot.com, is even more important than her videos. In one post, dated June 1st, she answers all the questions and plot holes in her show, revealing the full story behing Annie's troubles with the Olhymn, and the secret of the R.A.O. If you want to follow the series, reading this post is essential.


Annie: A girl who was hunted by the Order. She was a carrier, (someone able to give birth to Trait Postive girls) and the key to completing the Hart Study.

Adam: Ethan's friend that knew more about Annie's friend than he lead on.

Ethan: The main character of Lonefox101. He and Annie are close online friends, and he attempted to save her, but instead finds her dead. He goes on to save Tiffany, another Trait Positive girl, but dies in the process.

Gary: An unknown Watcher who was tricked by the Order into thinking that Bree may actually be alive

Trevor: A Cleaner (Order members who erase people's memories) that kidnaps Annie and brainwashes her for several days.

Lilianna: The second key to the Hart Study's completion. What she knows is never revealed, as she's kidnapped during the study.

The Watcher (Jacob a.k.a. Javier): A new watcher who takes a twisted pleasure in showing the world through Annie's YouTube account that the Order will always succeed

Dr. Monroe (Virginian): He is the physician who takes Annie to the Olhym with her mother.

LG15 Characters

Sonia: Annie's cousin who quit and re-joined the Hymn of One. She temporarily joins the R.A.O., with Annie, only to be dragged back into the Hymn of One.

Emma: Annie's biological younger sister. Annie reveals in "Confessions of a Trait Positive Carrier" that they are related.

Daniel and Jonas: At Ghiradelli Square, Annie joined everyone else in their attempts to save Emma.

Dr. William Porter and Calvin Hart: They're mentioned in the series as causing the accident that ended Emma and Annie's parents lives.

Unknown Facts about Annie

She has issues with sleepwalking, which she often talked about at Olhym. Other members of her family have also had the same sleep deprivation issues, and the Order is noting this.

She was born in Manchester, New England, with Emma.

She and Adam know each other.

She's the founding member of the R.A.O.

She secretly has a crush on Daniel, Jonas, and Mason.

There's a debate with the video schizophrenic, if she killed someone during the bloodlines finale or was suicidal.